Friday, September 13, 2013

In love with Mid Century Lamps

If you had told me, a few years ago, that I would like anything Mid century, I think I would have died laughing.

I got the bug.

To be sure, I stay away from anything that reminds me of the mid century that I grew up with, but I am loving some of the fun mid century designs that are making a come back these days.

Especially the colors, the modern sleek lines, and the sense of nostalgia.

I am currently on the hunt for a lamp, I want color and an atomic look, but it needs to fit in with my current decor which is remnants of traditional, prim, eclectic, junk repurpose, rustic.  Got that!!!!

So here are some of the fun lamp designs I ran across in my searches.
  Many are way way out of my price range, but I had to share.

Delightfull.Stanley Lamp

Love this one, colors etc. But it's not a floor lamp and...well... the price is way out reach.


Design metal floor lamp SINATRA FLOOR Delightfull  

Here is a floor version, Not as thrilled with the colors on this one

Still too expensive


Floor lamp

Floor lamp (clipped to This is a fun and truly retro one that I would LOOOOOVE to have. It's perfect in every way.  No price found, but isn't it divine.

This is a Jonathan Adler Version, still out of my price range.


Duke by Delightfull

A little different shade shape, and I like the blue


Tremble Giclee Glow Bronze Balance Arm Floor Lamp 

Then I ran across a huge collection of lamps with fabulous retro shades on Lamps Plus 

I was thinking of getting this one from Home Depot and taking some spray paint to it. I'll let you know how that goes if I decide to do it. I really would prefer to find genuine vintage.


I did find one,  just this Friday the 13th (lucky day). Is it a table, is it a magazine rack, is it a lamp? Answer Yes to all.






Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I love it!
I have a floor lamp in the barn...I'm thinking of redoing and bringing it inside, once my couch makeover is complete.
I'm ready to be done with it and get to playing around with a new arrangement!
I really like this version of the lamp, rack, table-- way better than the pressed wood version from the late 80's and early 90's!!!

suzieQ said...

I so identify how your tastes have changed. I once thought some of the items from my youth (the 50's) were strange, like aluminum Xmas trees, but I would snap one up in a minute if I saw one.

Simply Shelley said...

Great find...I like it...and looks great in your bedroom..blessings

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