Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flea Market Style is not just Shabby Chic or Country

If you've followed my blog you know that  my style and what I'm attracted to has evolved and changed often through the years.

The Great thing about Flea Market Style decorating, is that many styles can co-exist in the same room at the same time.
And you don't have to change a whole room to update your style.

I first began my journey in the world of Flea Market Decorating during my Primitive Country Phase.  As seen in this photo of my bedroom in past years. Plaid linens, shaker side tables, country bench in barn red, of course a basket and quilts. All demonstrate a classic primitive country look.
(don't tell anyone, but not much of this was flea marketed, shhh!)
 Then I began to incorporate some Shabby Chic into my Primitive look. Gravitating  for the Chippy White architectural salvage pieces, as much as I could get my hands on.
And adding a little Cottage feel here ...
...and there
(Now we are talking Flea Market Finds)

Then I began to work in some Industrial bits...
...and pieces
Metal was my go-to room accessory. If it was metal, and rusted I wanted it!  And used it however and wherever I could!

Now I'm seeing a fun new twist to the Flea Market look with the addition of some Retro...

  and Mid century fun
During all of these changes, I kept the same couch, same bed linens, same chairs, I just changed out
the accessories, for a whole new look. A lamp here, a vase there. Maybe a pillow or even a side table.  
I'd move much loved pieces, like the wooden gears, around to a new location, and work them into my new scheme.  
That is why I love Flea Market Decorating.

Which style is your favorite right now? 
 Remember don't get stuck, keep up with the trends, and go for what speaks to you.

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