Friday, January 30, 2015

Purging the Purse

I want to share with my method of cleaning out and transporting all the stuff of life that lives in our purses.  I don't need to tell you that if you carry a heavy purse, you are hurting your shoulders and your back and this damage can be long term. 

But what exactly is the solution?

 Let's think about what men do.  They carry just what they need, in their pockets, and then they have a brief case, satchel or backpack for the rest, that stays in the car most of the time.  This system is based on the idea that we really don't need to carry everything with us all the time.

 First dump out everything in your bag, note:I've already edited my bag or there would be a lot
more junk here.  Then remove anything you absolutely do not need to be carrying around, ie trash, etc.
 You will be working with two bags. One large and one small. Even a large wallet can work for the small bag (see my note at the end of this post).  Look at all your items and decide what exactly you MUST have with  you when you run into the store, or restaurant.  For me this would be ...
 Glasses, Money, Credit cards/ID car keys chapstick and phone.

Here are a few of my solutions to make these items take up less bulk.  For Cash,
I took a plastic file folder, cut it to just a bit larger than my bills and they tuck nicely inside. These folders have one size fuzed, so it's closed on two sides,and open on two sides. I love this and it is much smaller than a wallet. 
For my cards, I have a snap close card case, when opened they are all easily visible and easy to get to.
 I purchased some of those dental tooth picks with the floss attached just for this thin case. Inside I keep a few tooth picks and a couple of Ibuprofen.
 My car key, chapstick and lipstick are tucked into the two built in pockets.  My phone can also fit nicely in here if needed,  and there is enough room for my reading glasses. This bag weighs only 1 pound and has a long strap for wearing cross body which I love. 

Note: Because my car is keyless I never have to dig for this key, it just stays in place. If you don't have a keyless car, Put that on your wish list for your next car. I absolutely love this feature.

Now for what goes in the big bag or what I call my Back and Forth Bag. This bag goes from home to car and work to car and that is it . I never carry it into the store, or restaurant for good reason.
 Once packed it weighs 3 pounds.
 First my non car keys go on an attached strap for easy access. I rarely need these, as we have a push button combination lock on our home door (Very much worth installing)
A ribbon can be pinned into any bag for this feature. A small pin flashlight is hand too.

 A plastic folder. In here I put items that I need to take from home to work or from work to home. A Few coupons etc. It is emptied daily, I don't  let things accumulate in there.

 I love pouches, and I picked up these two clear ones at The Container Store. I can see what is inside easily. One holds emergency snacks and the other is for medicines etc.
 the pouches, and kleenex go in the large zipper pocket in the big bag.

 I purchased this cosmetic case at Target, It's a perfect organizer for a bunch of other stuff I need at hand. I keep a calendar (purchased one that fit inside) checkbooks, business cards, business cash,
paper, pen and tape measure in here. All zipped up and easy to get to.

 In the open pockets I have a pen, comb, lipstick and gum. The small purse fits nicely inside and I'm ready to grab and go.

As you can see I love Orla Kiely bags, but any bag will do. Just make sure it's as wide as a file folder and large enough to carry any planner or other items you need handy. But remember, those things stay in the back and forth bag.

I like the cross body pouch better than a wallet for a couple of reasons. 

1) I've actually laid a wallet down or dropped it and lost it in the past, I can't do that with a cross body bag. 

2) If a wallet is in my hands or on my wrist my hands are not free to browse and a cross body bag is not in my way.

Adjust this system to fit your own way of doing things. Your back and shoulders will thank you.

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