Friday, January 9, 2015

The Great Purge, Time to tackle the Jewelry

 Time to Tackle the Jewelry.  I have all my jewelry (not the valuable stuff) sorted on hanging hooks, and in an old type drawer tucked inside an old armoire.   I propped the type tray up on a couple of old cabinets, but I realized the only reason I have the cabinets in there is to prop up that tray.  The whole thing, although functional was getting pretty messy and not very nice looking. 

 So I began to search for another way to store my jewelry, and found this.

Now I'm not one to encourage people to go out and buy new stuff, but I could see that this hanging Jewelry Organizer, might just work for me.  
It was only $14 on and arrived today, so I got right to work.
 First I emptied the cabinet, I love a clean slate.
Then sorted all my earrings and such into the handy divided pockets of the organizer.
 I decided to regain some of the lower space for storage by keeping one of those cabinets.
And I love how tidy it all looks now. And I sorted my earrings by color and style as best as I could and they are all easily visible, as well as other items like pendants, and bracelets.  So this is one product I recommend if you think it might help with your jewelry sorting problems.

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