Friday, October 16, 2015

Portland and the Junk Bonanza

In April my youngest Son and his wife moved to Vancouver WA. We were sorry to see them move so far away but are happy for their success.  So when Ki announced her Portland Junk Bonanza I knew it was a good excuse to go see my kids.


 We arrived a day before the show so I spent Thursday with my Husband shopping in local towns, using Ki's suggested shopping list found here

Thanks for the tips Ki, these were all great shops. Warning though, the prices around Portland are not the bes, but with a little hunting you can find a bargain.

And lots of unique stuff
Then I headed to the bonanza venue to take a sneak peak at set up. NO buying allowed.

As usual these dealers did not disapoint with their items and displays.

Time for opening day and Early Bird Shopping
Ki poses with some early birds in line
Uber Chic Brought goods all the way from LA and when Last I saw, they were almost sold out.

Loved this truck
Great displays everywhere you turn
And this Harp Box was to die for

More of my shopping around Vancouver and Portland in the next post.

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Curtains in My Tree said...

I use to never miss Portland Expo shows , my 2 older kids lives around Portland so I always scheduled my visits when the show was there, They got tired of taking me to the expo. So one year they refused to take me so I got on the max train by myself and went! I was scared but I made it there and back to Beaverton on the train.

I collect Louis Vuitton vintage and found 2 older bags there , 2 different times, very reasonable priced

There use to be lots outside stalls selling jewelry buy the truck loads, bakelite bracelets also

LOVE IT hope you show us your purchases

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