Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What year is it???? or having a Blond/Senior Moment

So Last week I announced the
 Brand new issue of Flea Market Style Magazine 

 But apparently I lost a couple of years somewhere and was so" thrilled" that  I announced it as a 2014 issue. (insert "i failed" face here)  

It has taken several days and an attentive customer to straiten me out, but I think I've finally got the 4 replace by a 6 in all places.

So Announcing again,
 An All New Never-Before-Seen 
 issue of Flea Market Style Magazine.


Click photo or here for ordering information

Pre-Orders will come right to your door, no driving around waiting for them to show up in the stores.

Save time, frustration and gas.

Also available are a selection of back-issues.  

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