Saturday, May 27, 2017

A look back at Spring 2013 issue of Flea Market Style Magazine Ki Nassauer Elizabeth Ulrich Stacy Sirk Junk Genius

You'll love this vibrant Spring 2013 issue of Flea Market Style. The  cover photo features a colorful home on Long Island that unfortunately fell victim to the "perfect storm" of Hurricane Sandy.  But before that, FMS Cameras got a great look  at the home, and last I heard the homeowners were rebuilding. It's a perfect beachy backdrop for their many found treasures.

 Also featured is a  19th century Chicago home filled with unique finds.

Six pages on vintage items in the garden,

 The English home of the co-author of "Junk Genius", and you'll want to study page 93 for a unique trick of the camera that was only spotted later.
Can you spot Ki's own shoes used as a prop in the photo above?

 Page 110 features 8 pages from 3 homes of 3 neighbors in Mississippi who love to fill their spaces with fun finds, Each home unique. I wish I lived in such a neighborhood.

 Ki's top 10 collectibles, stand the test of time.

As well as a list of reader picked vintage shops around the country.
Can you guess what a Pot-luck chair is, see page 144.
Also in this colorful issue
Are projects for making decorative mobiles from found objects,
 Ki nassauer shares her tips for shopping in the junkyard, 
 You'll go fleaing with Elizabeth Ulrich in Tennessee, and
  Get a list of Miles Long Yard sales just in time for summer,

 Fun Tote making projects on page 20-21,

 Enjoy some amazing Paint-By-Number projects on page 48-57,
And Go on a junking-wine tasting jaunt in Southern California with Ki and her Daughter,

 If you missed it the first time, it's not too late. You can still get this issue and other older issues, as well as current issues on my ordering page here.

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