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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Please Vote

This is my latest Garage Sale Find:

I've already fixed the broken leg and added the applique on the front. More embellishments will be forthcoming. I'll also be adding a glass knob with an old key hanging from it instead of the knob it now has.
Now as how to paint it? I'm asking for your help.
either this green

or this Cream

I really don't care and I think either color would look good, so My readers will decide.
I'll tally the votes on Tuesday afternoon.
here's a pic of the inside

And here is my other great GS find for this weekend.

don't forget to vote by responding to this blog.


misselaineous said...

Hey Margo...Love that cool little cabinet; how about the green and the cream, both? I think if it was all one color, the details would not stand out as well. Maybe green for the main part, cream on the legs and the embellishment on the door?

Dawnie said...

Normally I tend to want to paint everything cream, but something about that particular piece just says the green to me...

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
I vote for both!! The body cream and the legs green.
Whatever you do, have fun.

bec4 said...

I guess I am bucking the trend and saying all cream. Although both will look great--the cream just seems a little more traditional to me.

Robolady said...

You guys are no help :) Your votes are all over the place. ;) I'll wait for more votes to come in. Hope we can come to some sort of agreement. I'm starting to have a preference myself at this point though. I'll keep that to myself.

Anonymous said...

Go with the GREEN!

Cherwood said...

This looks like such a feminine little cabinet - I'm voting for cream.

Anonymous said...

I vote for CREAM :)
You could always rub a little antiquing gel on the details if you want them to stand out!

Gemma said...

Hi...this is my first visit...I love altering old things and making cool stuff too!!!! Awesome....saw you on one of my friends blogs....I like the green.

Nicole said...

I'm thinkin' I'll vote cream too. Nothing against green, but I'm sure a cream kind of person when it comes to furniture. I'd go cream and then distress it a bit! ;o) Just my 0.02 worth!!

Anonymous said...

My vote would be cream! But should you paint it green and not like it, just email me for my addy, I have that green in my kitchen..Ha!

Garden_Antqs said...

Margo: I vote for cream!!

Legacy Crafter said...

really cute piece, looks like a person squatting down or something.
I like green but think either color would be good. I would paint it cream first then if you don't like it paint it the green.
God Bless!

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