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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another good find

I went to another ES today and was able to find some smaller items. I got this folder divider thing, that was full of newspaper clipping about a young girl in the 30's. Turns out she died recently due to a house fire, she was in her 70's. It's so sad. I can't believe the family didn't want this. I'm going to try and contact a family member to see if they even knew about what was in this file. The clippings are not really important to me, except for they make some interesting reading. What was really great were these valentines, and pictures. Many of the Valentines are Mechanical. I think you will see some of these available at my barn sale

I love the fact that these 2 children are holding Dalmatians. I used to have a Dallie, and he was so sweet.

I also picked up this cool doorknob. It was a good little find, and so fun to look through.

See ya tomorrow.


Robyn said...

OH yes I bet the family didn't even know. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

Rosemary said...

Wow Margo,
What great stuff, especially the pictures. I wonder if they overlooked them.
The answer to your question, yes I added the glass knobs.
Have a great weekend!

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