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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Prettying up my office

Yesterday I talked about wanting to make my office a little more attractive. Right now it's white walls, and gray, white and black furniture (particle board with melamine over), and I'm pretty much stuck with that. So I decided that I'd try what I could to pretty it up. I went to the Office Depot and bought some pretty folders and dividers that they have now (with the back to school stuff), and some colorful cardboard magazine holders. Then I went to the craft store and got some pretty papers in the same color family. After playing a bit, I came up with these ideas of what to do with this wonderful stuff.

These are the Magazine boxes. I added some of the pretty paper to the front to spice them up a bit. Just a 3" square on each box and I think it made a world of difference.

Now for the notebooks. These are books that have information that I reference everyday so they need to be kept handy. I cut little strips of the pretty paper and inserted it into the binding side of the ones that had the clear strip. I also used a coordinating folder, for some loose papers I need to keep handy. The 2 boxes I already had, I just added the "Etc and Misc" tag inserts.

Here's the whole shelf now.

Now for the pesky, ugly folders I have all over the place. I found that if I cut and glue a piece of "pretty paper" to the fronts it really dresses them up. There is one I did in the first picture above, and one here.

I changed out the Maroon crock that I had paper clips in for this Green one, to match the colors I seem to be going with.
Then on the other side of this Computer organizer shelving unit I decided to dig some things out of my drawers and put them on display.

That is just a few of the ideas I've worked on this week.
I plan to paint at least one wall in here in the near future, and maybe two walls. It's real hard to paint with so much computer stuff to move around.

Check my web page "quick project" Tomorrow, for a neat bulletin board idea that I've done recently.


Nicole said...

Awwwww!!! How adorable is that?!?! Too cool! :o)
You are just SO creative!!!

Rosemary said...

Your office is looking really cute!!
Good job. I love the colors so far.

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