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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Junking Adventure

Yesterday DH and I went to one of our favorite new junk places. This lady buys up storage that people have not paid their rent on. A lot of what she has is thrift shop type of stuff as is her clientele. But I ask to go out to the back and rummage through her "piles". (see pic above). While there she told us she had just purchased this great storage unit and asked if we wanted to go along and look through it with her. Of course we did and off we go. Well we open it up and WOW, there is a lot of stuff in there. Right away I see wooden head and foot boards but it is hard to see the forest for the trees. We began helping her load stuff into her truck, opening boxes as we went. We only scratched the surface, but here are a few things I thought were worthy of reporting. A whole box of old Pipes, the box was labeled "pappy's pipes". An old advertising seed box, old tablecloths, 3 small 48 star flags, and lots of furniture in need of TLC.
And boxes and boxes of stuff that, who knows what is in them. I brought back the pipes to research for her what they might be worth on Ebay. But by far I think the best thing we found was the seed box. I'll have to take a second look at it to know for sure.
Now here is the best thing. She has agreed to "let" me organize her "Pile" in the back and have first dibbs on anything I find. I've told her I can tell her what stuff might be worth, she is selling valuable stuff for next to nothing because she thinks its trash. I'm also gonna offer to consign with her to sell her stuff on ebay (she really doesn't have time to mess with that). This lady is focusing on the thrift store side of her business and missing a whole T2T Shabby chic side. I've got lots of ideas to help her out, and my hope is that I'll get some great junk in return. Sounds like an adventure to me, and I don't have to pay for the junk, I just get to go through it. Whoo Hoo!!!!! An adventure only a junker would understand.


Sher said...

Looks like fun to me! Good for you, educating and helping her out! It's a great way for you to market your business, too! How about trading one of your t-shirts for some of her "stuff"?

Pam Aries said...

COOL STUFF! I haven't found any good junk lately..sigh! Say..Did you sell that Eiffel Tower tray yet? I didn't see it on your ebay...

Robolady said...

I'm not doing Ebay right now.
I have 2 of em, do you want one?

Rosemary said...

Sounds like once again you hit the jackpot. Have fun looking for treasure.
You are nice to help her out.
Have a fun rest of the weekend.

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