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Friday, October 12, 2007

Alex Got a Haircut

This is my youngest Son Alex (16)

he was 13 in this picture

Here is is a few weeks ago with us

As you can see Alex has lots of bushy wavy hair. to say he wakes up with bed hair is an understatement. Well when the shaggy look was all the rage he went with it, and I Wished for the days where short hair was in. Recently he has started cutting it a bit shorter, but still long and shaggy. Well, a couple of nights ago he decided he wanted to shave his head. He's been mentioning this for awhile now, but he's been nervous. But this time he was serious and even had clippers in hand. So he and his brother headed outside to shave the locks. Here is the process.

The after pic is not very good but you get the idea.
since this he's trimmed the sideburns a bit and it looks so much neater now. It could do with a little more length, but this is what he wanted. All the girls want to touch it, which is a positive in his mind. I think he's really going to like how easy it is to take care of. but I keep looking at him and say "where is the rest of your head". Just for good measure, here's a pic of his first haircut, Oh so long ago.

He's a good kid, and has grown into a nice young man. He even made Employee of the month at his new job, and will be graduating a year early. I praise God for my boys daily, what a blessing.

That's all for now, no junk today.


TinaTx said...

I know exactly how you feel Margo! There is a happy medium in there somewhere. If you go back to July on my blog you will see where my youngest (Jason) had shaved his head - the picture was about 3 weeks after the fact. He lives in Nac so we didn't get pictures of the process. He had a room mate do it at 3am (he was bored) This is the same kid who got sent home from high school more than once because his hair was too long!

Rosemary said...

I like his new look. What a cute baby! (You too)
Isn't it nice that you have great kids. We are lucky that way too.
Hope you are having a nice weekend Margo.

Garden_Antqs said...

Margo, congratulations on raising a fine son! Ya'll haven't changed much over the years :)

Vee said...

He's a handsome young man with or without hair!

Good sons are indeed a blessing.

pedalpower said...

Aw, he sounds like such a nice kid. My son recently took the beezers (what he called the clippers when he was little)to his head too...same haircut as your son.

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