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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another great day at the Sales

yesterday's finds are the Green window and the chair back frame thingy.
Everything else I got today, read on.

I went to just 4 sales today, and I found great stuff at 3 of them, 2 were serendipitious.
I headed first to an estate sale that was advertised, on the way I found another ES and I stopped at it. There was a GS across the street that had some visible junk, so I went there first. I found the Bike basket and Freezer Basket there along with that unusual lazy susan book shelf on the left there, then I went to the ES and found nothing. Back in the car, feelin pretty good and headin for the Sale I had started towards in the first place. Found some great items in the Garage..

These 2 metal drawers, the wooden finials

More great wood pieces

This metal thingy, does anyone know what it is

And all of this metal stuff

These great old PO box door fronts

Then I headed off to the "real job"
Then as I was driving down a road I don't usually go down, I saw a sign and made the quick right turn. At this sale I found this gem.

And Yes Rosemary, this means I can make your Pin. :)

Now for the Project
I decided to try and make my project of the week this week. It's not finished, but you get the idea. I need to attach the top, and the trim and make a back for it, then paint it.

Whew!!! I think that's enough for 1 day. Now I gotta get working on Rosemary's Pin.


Rosemary said...

Cool! Margo,
Can't wait! Let me know how much I owe you with the shipping,when it's finished.

Simply Me Art said...

My Gosh, Does Good Junk just Find you?? Good Lord E beeee. you are killing me with all these goodies.

Robolady said...

Simply me: Nope, I go rummaging through dirty boxes and back shelves in garages, the real good junk is usually hiding. It pays not to be proud :)

Michelle said...

You found some treasures! Great score on the typewriter..

Joy said...

Wow, what great finds Margo! You're lucky, our yard sales are all but done here. What's a girl to do? :(

Julie said...

Really enjoyed visiting your blog! Nice to meet another Texan too.

jmpb65 said...

You asked what the metal thingy is...It is a drawer pull. The sort of cone shaped part goes on the outside of the drawer. The black part hangs down on the outside of the drawer. We have an antique dresser from the late 1800's and that is the exact pull on all of the drawers.

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