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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just a couple of things

I did a little shopping in my barn again.
Since this table didn't sell at my sale,

I decided to bring it inside for now and use it.
It's the one there with the red F on it.

So I sat it here in one of the few empty spots in my house, and threw a little junk around it. This is in our bedroom.

And what do you need in the bedroom most (besides that)?

A little R & R,

I made a funny..........

Here is my inspiration board

Close up

I keep my holiday post card collection up there, I've got vintage post cards for Easter, New years, Thanksgiving, Valentines, and Christmas. I also have a few "inspiration" clippings from magazines, and other misc stuff that struck my fancy.
The board itself is an old drying rack of some kind. It's wood and has these metal elastic bands across it, that are perfect for tucking things behind. See that handmade card on the lower right. That is from Rosemary, she sent it to me to thank me for something I sent her. The card was a wonderful gift in-and-of-itself, so it gets a place of honor on the board. I've also got my letters and numbers, as well as a clock face, I just love clock faces.

Well those are my ideas for the day. I did go to a sale today, and yes, I picked up some stuff, but I'll have to show you that tomorrow. It's too dark for pictures right now.

New T-Shirt Design Finally Finished
New T-Shirt Design "Darn that real Job"

Front has graphic of multiple signs to multiple sales.
See large view of graphic here.
Back says, "Darn that real job".
What a statement, and we all know the feeling. Get yours today, Available in 3 different colors.

More RoboJunker stuff here

See ya tomorrow


Wanda said...

How fun to be able to go shopping in your barn. How fun just to *have* a barn!

Simply Me Art said...

Gosh I wish I lived near you!! I would be so Poooooorrrr

Robolady said...

Simply me, I Ship ;)

Wanda, I love my barn, I'm so glad to have it. I 'play' in there. I arrange and re-arrange in this one area, kinda like a store. That way, if someone asks me if I have a shop, I can say, "yes, by appointment" and have a space that they can look around.

Vee said...

That looks great. I love the concept of an idea board. I almost said the idea of an idea board, but that's too redundant. LOL! Maybe I can think about something like that, too. It would be a great way to tidy up and bring things all together in one convenient location.

Rosemary said...

Love your table Margo. It's like mine. I really like the R's!
I have a flea market tee shirt that I wear sometimes to the flea markets.
Have a great day!

Joy said...

I love your inspiration board - fabulous!

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