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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Things

Added at 7:00pm.
I got my country living magazine today. And there is a nice T2T article on page 134. I'm humbled by this ladies creations. This is a pic of some drawer pulls from the magazine. Does anyone know where I might find these?

Tina of Stitchin in Texas Blog and I met up today for some chocolate.

Oh and we had lunch too. It was a nice visit, Thanks Tina for meeting up with me.

as promised, here is the decopage project, I was inspired by something I saw on Fifi's blog. These are just plastic, I didn't find any metal ones, but I'm keeping my eye out. And as a first try I'm pretty pleased.
The musical ones are from an old hymnal, and the other one is genuine old stamps.
The one with the type letters on it, spells JOY.

And now for some news. DH found out about this great sale in the paper.

3rd Weekend
OCT. 19, 20, 21, 2007


Over 250 miles on Historic US 80 from Mesquite, Texas to Monroe, LA. and beyond as far as Delhi to the East and vendors in Grand Prairie in the West...will once again be lined with goods in a yard sale format for one weekend in October, according to sponsor East Texas Tourism Association (ETTA) in Longview, Texas.

The Historic US 80 Hi-Way Sale will begin at 8 a.m. daily on Oct. 19, 20, and 21, 2007 and should draw crowds from far and wide looking for a bargain. For more info, contact ETTA at

So he and I will be taking off early tomorrow to see what we can find. Darn that Real Job.

I can't wait to report on it.
See ya tomorrow.


TinaTx said...

mmm - I'll have to go get my mag and look. It's by my bed - I've been looking at it the past two nights, but I haven't made it that far before I fell asleep!

The decopage projects look great in person!

Hope you have good luck with that HI-WAY 80 sale. Dh and I did that a couple of years ago, and it was a bust for us. For starters it was raining, then the sales were few and far, far between. I think we found maybe 3 in 20 miles before we gave up. I'll be curious to see how you do.

Lunch was great! We need to do it again sometime - soon!

Michelle said...

Yum - that chocolate looks good! Good luck on your treasure hunt tomorrow.

Rosemary said...

Love your new creations!
I got my Country Living too, haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Does it have a buyers guide in the back for those knobs?
Have fun at the sale,it sounds fabulous.
I hope you find some great stuff.

Simply Me Art said...

Wow, Where to start!! Love the Goodies you found. The old Typewriter is Great. The Bangles look so Pretty. I think that big Ball is a Light of some sort. I thought I saw the Angels in your Ebay made from Stair Ballisters? who knows I am Not all there half of the time!! I am also with you on Festivus!!! My husband and I talk about that Every year!! Gosh, I Love Sienfeld... Anyway you got such great stuff, cant wait to see what you will be Creating with all of it. Has HGTV called yet for your TV show??? Have a Great Weekend... Jamei

Wanda said...

Will you let us know if you find out anything about the knobs? I didn't even see them in the magazine. I suppose we could decoupage on flat, wooden knobs, but I'd rather find those, hadn't you?

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