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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Today Estate Sales and Job Hazards

Well there were 2 sales advertised in the paper that I really wanted to go to today, and my time was not waisted. I was able to get so much jewelry stuff, chains and beads galore, ane so much cheaper than if I'd purchased new, Better quality too.
Here are the chains

I also found these great little jars, perfect for beads

And this tub full of flatware

I also got that bag of buttons on cards, and the bag of loose buttons.
Can anyone tell me if these buttons are special in any way?

Here are a couple of the Flatware creations I've done up in the past few days.

so much fun!!!!!
Tune in tomorrow to see what I'm doing with one of the bird cages.

Now for the Job hazards part. I've been thinking I should get a Tetanus shot for some time now. So today, while I was at the Dr. with my son, I decided to ask how much the shots were. They were reasonable and so I decided to go ahead and get one. Now I'm protected against those yucky little germies, but boy does my arm hurt. On a side note, My Grandmother's brother died from Tetanus when she was young. He was hit in the head with a stick that bounced off the cow he was throwing it at. The stick had been in the cow field, and had harbored Tetanus. So you can get it from more than a rusty nail. She always calls it "lock jaw" not Tetanus. I'm so glad to live in the decades that I do.


Dawnie said...

Great finds today, I love the chains and the little jars, and how smart you are to get a tetanus shot! I like the new flatware jewelry too, you have such a flair for that. Have a good weekend!

bec4 said...

Smart thinking on the shot! I had to get one a year ago when I dropped one of my shabby tables on my ankle bone. It got really infected. I never thought about getting one with all of the stuff we work with.

Rosemary said...

Great stuff Margo. Can't wait to see the birdcage.
I got a flu shot the other day and my are is really sore too. I feel your pain.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love love everything.Those green chairs I seen in one of your pics ,are they your chairs or did you just take a pic at a sale?Do you have a table that goes with the chairs.The reason asking I found a old green table ,small but I use it in my kitchen.It matches those green chairs and I was just wandering if you had a table with your chairs ,and if so,what does your table look like.
I love old stuff.Love your home.Love looking at all your things.Judy from Alabama and love checking the yard sales.

Robolady said...

Anon, If you are talking about that apple green chair, I only have the one. Isn't it delicious.

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