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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This week's Barn Project

Some of you may remember this candlestick that I made awhile back.

Well I've applied the same technique to make a finial

I took an old lamp that was made out of wood, removed all the lamp parts. Attached a ready made finial to the top with glue and nails. ThenI painted it with a base color, added a little bit of green & yellow and then distressed with sandpaper. Then I gave it a wash with a smokey glaze (in this case just wood stain) and It's done.
You can get finial tops at the craft store in the wood working section, they aren't as fancy as this one, but they'll work fine. Wooden lamps and table legs work great for these 2 projects. So next time you see that old wooden lamp at a garage sale for a dollar. Pick it up, and make yourself a finial or a candlestick.


bec4 said...

great Margo--so creative!

bec4 said...

Oh--I had typed in a "These are" before the great--but I guess I was working faster than the computer!

Rosemary said...

Leave it to you Margo! Great idea.

Simply Me Art said...

Love it as Usual Margo..

Wanda said...

Oh, my! They're both so cool! I'd thought of making a candlestick from old lamps, but a finial never crossed my mind. What a neat idea!

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