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Monday, November 5, 2007

The Best Husband

My DH went out of town this weekend to go hunt for dead people. This is what I call his geneaology trips to cemeteries, court houses etc. This time he headed for a town in West Texas. While there, he visited with his cousin, They recently helped clean out a friend's "junk" and had it at their house. Well DH sifted through it and brought me home this wonderful pile.

Now isn't that a great guy :)
There are a lot of spindles in that pile, not sure what I'll do with it all, but something will come up. Fran, I know you are reading this, Thanks for letting Roger Bring the junk home, he got lots of brownie points for this one.

I was thinking today, that I'd love to have an old dress form to display my pins and necklaces at the Flea Market. But dress forms are so expensive. Then I thought about these little metal ones I'd seen at hobby lobby. So I went down there today, and picked up this one. I wrapped fabric around her, to give me something to pin to and voila'. She's only about 18" tall but just the perfect size for counter top display. I love how she turned out.

Still making progress on the crown designs

And I made a dainty Pink Escetcheon charm pin today.

I also did some stuff in the barn today, I'll have a pic for you tomorrow.


TinaTx said...

I would say he is a keeper! Dress form is perfect!

Wanda said...

I was going to say exactly what Tina said. He's a keeper! I mean, a man who likes genealogy and one who will bring home junk for his wife? How much better can you get?

(I spend my "spare" time hunting dead people, too.)

Cyndy said...

Just found your blog today and I will be back visiting again, soon. Love your dress form. I've been looking for one for my sewing room. I may have to borrow your idea.

Inspired Tokens said...

What a guy? Who else would dig around in a ditch and bring home those beautiful items? Also, love the dress form, she's beautiful.

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Margo ,
The dress form is soooo cute need to name her. The crown pins turned out wonderful.... those are going to go fast.
Yes... your DH wins the award...

Joy said...

Can't wait to get my key chain - I just love all of these designs Margo!

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
Now that is a good husband!!!
Love your new dress form. It looks so cute. Your jewelry is looking really good.
Have a great evening,

Anonymous said...

The mini dress form looks very chic with all the pins. Love it!


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