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Sunday, November 4, 2007

What I got in Canton

Although most of my time was spent selling, I was able to hit a few spots and I picked up a few items. And one is going to be a great new jewelry item, that you French girls (and wanna be's) will love. First here are some things I got.
A metal exclamation point

Great jar with numbers on jar and stopper

I couldn't pass this up, it's an old pin, with a mirror, brush and comb. I got it because I have the hand mirror collection, but isn't it just so cute?

From Laurie Anna's I got these great metal tags.

From the Veranda I got this letter A

Do you see a pattern? I told you I need therapy.

For future jewelry creations I found all of this.
Do you see those hinges? What do they look like to you, besides hinges? Hum, I wonder???

And a great deal on Swarovski (sp) crystals.

Now for those hinges. I am so excited about my newest Jewelry Item, inspired by the shape of the hinges themselves.

Any Ideas yet?

Well here ya go. Don't they look just like Crowns?

Crowns and clocks, how French is that.

Add a few rhinestones and voila!
And here are a few more in process

Some chippy, some painted.
Oh what I can do with these little gems. Wish I'd picked up more. Oh well, I know where to get them, and he has bunches.

It was a great weekend, and I can't wait till next time.


Sondra said...

Ooohhh, crowns. And my guess was butterflies.

Vanessa said...

What fun! I would love to go to Canton some day. Actually, this weekend we drove within a couple hours of there. Thought about begging my husband to take a detour, but then decided it maybe wouldn't be such fun with hubby and three kids in tow. Maybe another time....

TinaTx said...

Love those crown pins! Might just have to have me one of those!
Looks like you and Linda had a great time. Are you going shopping or selling next month?

tina said...

Good to see you Margo! We're always glad to see your smiling face! Wish we could stop and talk longer...I looked at all your treasures you found at Canton, I like it all! And I enjoyed looking at your photos you took of the sights all around Canton! See you next time!

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness! I read your blog all the time (even have it as one of my favorite links on my blog) and usually can't wait until morning when I can read another post! Anyway, I'm from Oregon and would like to know where is Canton? In Texas? I'd sure like to see sales like yours here in Oregon but I think it's too wet for things like that. We need some dry sunny weather year around! Read: I'm jealous!

Simply Me Art said...

Great idea Margo with the Hinges. i Really Love how they Turned out... So Pretty....

Vee said...

No, no, you don't need therapy; this IS your therapy. Looks as if you made a great haul. I still love your idea board and want one of my own.

Robolady said...

Thanks Vee, it was some sort of old drying rack, it's great fun, I love it.

Vanessa, You should make the trip someday, it is awsome.

Margaret: Texas summers are brutal, but at least you aren't stuck inside. we could use a little more rain most of the time, but I really like our climate.

Joy said...

My guess was butterflies too - I love all of this stuff that you got, I'm in heaven with all of the pics!

Rosemary said...

I love the crowns Margo. Very cute!!
Everything that you got is so great. I would love to go to Canton sometime.
Have a great night,

Anonymous said...

Wow, Canton seems like THE place to be!

Margo, I envy your creativity! I wish I could think outside the box, like you.


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