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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gifts, Guests and a Good time.

Well my mail box held a surprise today. My friend Tina, of Stitchin in Texas sent me one of her thread snip beaded charms.

What a wonderful item, and such a great surprise. I will treasure it always, and I'm always needing some sharp scissors to cut those little threads when I'm quilting or hemming my pants. Thank you so much Tina, you are such a sweet friend.

Then this evening Linda, of Linda's Blue Gate came over and delivered my new yard Conservatory and she and her DH had dinner with us. We stuffed ourselves with Lasagna and Brownies, and had some great conversation. She also brought a gift of some beautiful poinsettias. here's a pic of my new conservatory with the poinsettias inside. I'm not exactly sure how to accessorize this wonderful item, but for now I just put this little table inside with the flowers on top. I took this pic in the dark, so it doesn't show it's true beauty. Update: I've added some daylight pictures below.

Linda does great work And I loved the mosiac on this piece. when I told her i wanted one, she said "why would you buy one when you can make one" and I said "because I won't make one, and I don't want to do all of that mosiac work". I don't think I could do nearly as good a job as she does, and she adds so many special touches, Like the little chandeliers and glass door knob with a key hanging on from it. Thanks Linda for bringing it over. We had a good time visiting with you and Dave. Hope we didn't keep him up past his bedtime.

Here are the daylight pictures, I just love it.

I am so bless to have met these wonderful ladies through the Blog world. Thank you both for your friendship.


Simply Me Art said...

Oh my gosh, the Conservatory is so Beautiful. I am so Jealous, how wonderful one of those would be for some of my orchids. It looks great with the pointsetta inside. So glad you all had a wonderful dinner. Tell your son to get a menorah and give it a try. Have some Chocolate gelt also....

TinaTx said...

Glad you like the scissors and fob.
The conservatory is great! Are you going to leave it on the porch or move it out to the yard?
Now take some daylight shots with closeups of the pretty door! said...

Thank you Margo for the wonderful dinner... everything was yuuuummmmy..
Dave I had a lovely evening with you and your sweet Roger.
Your home is just perfect.... pictures do NOT do it justice .....It really belongs in a magazine...
Your Conservatory is perfect on your wonderful porch..

Rosemary said...

How lucky for you Margo.
The scissors are great!
That Conservatory is beautiful.
I love it!!
It looks so pretty on your porch.
Enjoy it!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Margo ~ Your conservatory is such a beautiful treasure to have from a wonderful lady! What a fun time I bet that you had !!

Anonymous said...

I love your conservatory. It's wonderful!


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