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Sunday, December 9, 2007

A couple of weekend projects.

Well it has been a busy weekend, and I still don't have my porch decorated or my tree up. Oh well, tomorrow is the day. Both boys will be home and I'm gonna MAKE them help. So my weekend was filled with other things, Visits from friends, and a bit of junking.
I was able to hang the arched window I picked up in Canton last weekend. and I love the way it looks.

I fits perfectly in this empty space above the monster TV that DH got.

And then there is this little table. I've had my eye on this item in an antique store for several months. It was 10% off this week and so I broke down and got it. It was painted a real bright yellow, and I liked it, but when I got it home it just didn't go in my house. So off to the barn for a coat of Margo Paint and I think it looks great now. I very lightly distressed some of the edges and you can just see some of that yellow peaking through if you look closely.

I decided to put it at the top of the stairs.

I really liked the details on this piece

Lesson learned. When something goes at the top of the stairs, paint the underside:)
I'll get this done and have it back in place tomorrow.

I'm also working on making a matching candlestick to go with one I made awhile back.
I'm taking pics of the process so I can share it with you all.
Well, tomorrow it's back to work, and Christmas Tree.
Have a good week all.


TinaTx said...

Love that arch above the tv!
Don't you just take it as 'meant to be' when you watch something for so long and then go back and not only is it still there, but it is on sale? That is what happened with the dresser in my guest room. I watched it for a couple of months then when I decided I was just going to bite the bullet and buy it I went in and it was on sale! Love it!
Can't wait to see pics of your tree!

Vintage Sue said...

Bonus on the table! You have great taste—I have the EXACT same table as an endtable in my living room!

Good tip on painting the underside! I learned that the hard way when I painted a bunch of stuff, took it to a sale, and when I stacked it, you could see the unfinished underside and it looked horrible!


pegtn said...

I love that table, it's very uniquie, (I have a thing for unique tables).

Sand Flat Farm said...

Arch looks great! Neat table - I've done that before, too! I like the color of it - it would go in my living room - Vickie

Rosemary said...

Love that little table Margo. The arched window looks great above the TV.
Have a great evening,

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