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Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Junk Day, I sold Something, and I met someone

Wow!!! today has been a great day. First I headed off to an estate sale, where I found this lot.

I just love those vintage scarves, headbands, and gloves. And I also got this great vintage fabric.

Then it was off to work at the "real job" :(
Then after lunch I headed to one of my favorite places, Pandora's Box in Frankston
Where I found this.

I just brought it home and hung it there on some nails that were already in place. It's the larger wooden thing, not the smaller one on top. It was a great price. While I was at Pandora's box a lady stopped me and said she reads my blog. I was so surprised to be "recognized". Her name is Dee and she's a lurker, So here's a "shout out" to you Dee. It was nice to meet a blog reader, and fellow junker.

I got a call from the mall where I have space now, and I sold something. I'm so thrilled. I sold one of my luggage pocket things. I guess I need to make another to replace it.

Now what do I do with all those vintage scarves, any ideas????


TinaTx said...

I love that piece you got at Pandora's! I would have bought it if I had seen it first! I guess if we had been there together we could have leg wrestled for it! LOL

How cool that someone reognized you!

Glad you had a good day and congrats on selling something!

Joy said...

That is so cool that you got 'recognized'! I love how small the world can be sometimes.

As for the scarves...I'm sure you will come up with a brilliant idea! :)

jennifer said...

how about making an apron out of the scarves???

Sand Flat Farm said...

hey margo- did you take in those two estate sales this week? I did, the one on 2nd street was so packed you couldn't even turn around or scratch your nose. I found a couple of items on Trenton. Looked for you at both...Love the window topper. I need to get back to Pandora's. Later, Vickie

Michelle said...

What about a penant banner out of the scarves? Or some pretty pillow covers? Great finds!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hope that Dee stops lurking. (Hiya, Dee!)

Actually, that's my #1 fear...being recognized. You did very well!

Treasuredfinds said...

First post from the lurker. I guess its time to come out of the
closet. Nice to meet you in person
and be the first to see your new
treasure. The rain kept me away from the estate sales yesterday.
But DH and I made them all today, I was happy made some great buys.
Looking forward to future post, your ideas inspire me.

Treasuredfinds Dee

Rosemary said...

Wow Margo,
You are a celebrity!!
How cool! I love your new window valance. It's great!
Glad you sold something too.
Have a great weekend.
I am thinking about the scarves.

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