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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A new friend

Well I got an email from Valorie of the
Red Shed Girls in Grapevine, TX.
She had business in Tyler today and wanted to know if she could come meet me. I joked with my family that I had a "fan". Anyway, I was free, so I told her to come on. She arrived at my home at 2:30, And she brought me these wonderful goodies from her store. .
There are a couple of old filing dividers with my initials, a beautiful candle and a sweet vintage creamer, Matches to light the candle and a wonderfully sweet smelling home made soap bar. All of these items can be found at her store so check it out. What wonderful gifts, I wish that I were as good at putting little gift bags together as everyone else seems to be. Thank you Val for the goodies.
After a quick tour we headed out to some Local junk spots.
It was fun to see her shop for her store and visit and get to know her. We are both members of the
American Junk Club,
and that is how we know each other. We had a great time I just wish we had more time, and that one of the shops we visited had been open. Here's a pic I snapped, Yes I snapped it that is why I look so funny in it. Can you say "turkey neck". Well at least Valorie looks good.

The only things I got were this fan cage
and some spoons for more Flatware Bracelets. I already have a project in mind for the fan cage.

I thought it would be fun to walk around my house with my camera and take pics of all the Junk I use in decorating. Just the stuff I kept, not stuff that I make to sell. Well I'm a bit overwhelmed at what I've accumulated, but I put it all on one page and you can view it
here if you want.
you can click any picture to enlarge it.
Have a great weekend.


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Margo ~ what a fun day ! I know Valerie and Michelle ~ they have an amazing shop ~ can you imagine having a travel agency and wonderful treasures to sell too !

Elaine L. said...

I love everything that you've done.
I totally believe in recycling and always send things to the thrift, since I know someone will find a use for or need something that I can no longer use.

Of course, I always bring home as much as I donate. LOL


misselaineous said...

another elaine checking in the pics of your home & all the unique ways you have recycled & repurposed your Junk...i have borrowed several of your ideas since I first discovered you on another forum...keep junkin' & creating & most of all, sharing your great ideas w/ your "faithful followers"... other elaine...I know what you thrifts...I drop off @ the back of our local GW, then drive around the front & wait for the door to open @ this an obsession or what??!! Good Sunday *elaine*

Raised In Cotton said...

Sounds like you girls had great fun! Love those kind of days.

Jennifer said...

I have been so inspired by your site. I did repurpose items before I found your site, but you have given me so many new ideas. If I ever make it to Texas I would love to meet you. If you ever make it to Chicago look me up. I sell my items at a local store in the suburbs of Chicago. Take care!

Garden_Antqs said...

You and Valerie looked so pretty; I so want to go to one of their shows one day!!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It did sound like you had a fun day...

Loved the tour of your home. The swag of dishes is my favorite thing right pretty!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Valerie is a sweetie isn't she... she has the prettiest blue eyes..... sound like you two had a great time..

misselaineous said...

Morning Margo..Thanks for stopping by my blog..I've been reading yours for months, every AM w/ my coffee...I'm trying to do better @ posting, uploaded a bunch of pics to my photo site...made me realize I have a lot more "treasures" than I ever realized!! Need to do another yard sale, and hmmm..maybe a bigger spot @ the resale shop would help me clear some new space! just wish these darn real jobs didn't take so many hours out of my day..LOL...*elaine*

Dona said...

I love that wind chime in the back yard with the wheel and old spindles. Very cleaver.

Rosemary said...

How fun for you Margo!!
It's nice to have fans.
I love the little goodies she brought to you.
Glad you had a fun day!
Can't wait to see your fan project.

Simply Me Art said...

Wow, How neet is that! A New friend and shopping all in the same day.. Heaven to me..

Sonja said...

Thanks for the tour of your house, I was wondering what it looked like with all your talent.... keep up the great work! I check it out everyday!!!

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