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Saturday, January 5, 2008

What a fun day in Canton

The day started when Stitchin Tina
and Sand Flat Vickie and I, met up here at my "little piece of heaven", loaded up Tina's van and headed for Canton around 12:00.

We started slowly in the Junk area but quickly had to head over to
Linda's Blue Gate
Here's a pic of us with Linda. She is now in the Arbors and has a beautiful booth there.

this was the first time for Vickie to see Linda's booth and to meet Linda.
Then it was off to the junk. I lead the girls into an area where there really is some good junk.

Vickie haggles about this item

After considering it for a good long time, she put it back.

"Ohh! Ladders, I've been looking for an old ladder."

"Perfect Fit"

This is a unique item, hum...

Where else can you find the front fender of an old school bus? Wouldn't this make a great headboard in a kid's room.

This is some of what I got. Watch for future projects

Beautiful old illustrations

Great deal on these frames for future projects, and these Old chippy painted wood planks
and a carriage wheel, for another project.

Love this old rusty stuff
and China for another wreath or swag, Children's dishes work great for this type of project.

Tina found this and I just had to get it. I added the sparkle on the ends last night.

And this stack of red transferware just for me.

After shopping we had a great Mexican meal there in town and headed home.
It was a great day, and except for gluing those rhinestones, I came home and crashed.
Thanks Ladies for a wonderful afternoon, with junking buddies.


Joy said...

Love the JUNK pin - how appropriate is that?! :)

Herbgirl said...

I recently found your blog and really enjoy stopping by to visit. Canton sounds awesome! Too bad I live in Indiana!!!!

Simply Me Art said...

You ladies looked like you were having so much fun.. I Love those days, shopping for junk and with friends to boot..Happy Weekend...

TinaTx said...

I had a great time Margo! Hope we can do it again. It is always more fun shopping when you have good company.
Love the sparkle you added to the JUNK pin!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Even I want to go to Canton!

You gals look as if you had a great time and! She sure looks as if she knows exactly what she's doing!!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Margo ~ Wow Girl !!! You got alot of goodies ! I went today and it was the junk area was pretty wiped out ~ I got a few pretties that I am putting on my website ~ it was fun to visit Linda ! I love her new location ! She said you had some friends with you! I love your pictures !

Linda's Blue Gate said...

I'm so glad you all stopped by to say Hi.... wish I could have gone junking with you.... looks like you all had so much fun..

Vanessa said...

The bad news - we are getting ready to move to a new town and I am not very thrilled about it. The good news - I just figured out that we will only be 3 1/2 hours from Canton. That will be good for a weekend getaway every now and then!

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
What a great time you all had. Wish I could have been there.
It looks like such a great place.
I'm sure you will come up with some fun projects soon.

misselaineous said...

love the pics from far is that from Dallas? will be in there in May for a convention...side trip? Boss would love that! :D she brought me a junk collector badge from her last trip to Seattle..great to have a boss who understands me!! can't wait to see what you do with your "funky junkies"!! *elaine*

Sand Flat Farm said...

Margo - see, I thought you would look great in that drum major hat!!! Thanks for not telling anyone that I broke the little black sprinkler boy!!! Wow, was that vendor hoppin'mad! I had a great time with you and Tina! Lets do it again - Vickie

Dona said...

Great finds. Lovin them all. It's so fun junkin with friends.


Robolady said...

Dallas is about 1 hr and 20 mins from canton. Canton is on the weekend of the First Monday of each month only. Hope your convention falls on that weekend.
The junk is out by the civic center and the new stuff is in the covered arbors etc. I stay out by the junk myself.

Vickie, I didn't but you just did. :)


have great week

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hey Margo - I told on myself! After I thought about it, it started being funnier and I decided to just blow my cover and maybe some others would get a kick out of it, too. Still feel a little bad for the vendor, tho. Vickie

misselaineous said...

ARGH! so close, yet still denied...we'll be in Dallas last weekend in May, but fly out on Sunday, June 1st...guess I'll have to continue to enjoy that venue thru your pics...keep postin'...*elaine*

Sher said...

Wonderful stuff! You have great junque, gal!

Inspired Tokens said...

Wow - do I want to junk with you guys! I need to find some places like that around here. Anyway, looks like you found lots of wonderful items. Can't wait to see what you turn them into.

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Margo! I am from Texas and I really miss going to Canton!! My husband & I now make our home in beautiful Big Bear Lake California.
I am new at blogging and already luv it! If you get a chance please visit my cottage and take a look at my Trash to Treasure bench we made. Connie

The Red Shed Girls said...

Looks like you had a great day! I got sick over New Years, and my husband wouldn't let me leave my sick-bed to go to Canton. DRATS! Love, Love, Love the Red Transferware. Red and Pink is what I use and collect also. Maybe we can hook up next month if you go.

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