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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Unique Shape

I am attracted to the shape of lot of old junk. In The Past, they designed the simplest of things to look nice. Today mechanical things are just functional, and the artistry is left out. Think about Air vents for example.

In the past these were beautiful pieces of hardware in the home, now they are just slats. And then there are door knobs and hardware.

What ever happened to ornate door plates, and door knobs, even Hinges were pretty in the past. Most indoor knobs now days are just a round thing that
you turn, but in the past they had art to them. That brings me to the items pictured at the top. These are the ceramic things that come out of old space heaters. I guess these little gizmos would hold and radiate the heat. They could have been any shape, but the mfgrs obviously put some design work into them too. Just look at those shapes. See the fan shape in the bottom I just love them. Don't yet know what I'll do with them yet, but I love them. These are part of that trash I found yesterday (see previous post.)
Well these little heat up things, are going to find a second life in my home. I'll let you know what I come up with to do with them.

*******First Monday Canton Weekend*******
For those that might want to meet up in Canton tomorrow. I'll be at Linda's blue gate booth (visiting not selling) in Arbors 3 tomorrow around 2:00, for about 1/2 hr. I'd love to see you there. Just look for her old window conservatories, and that is her booth. She said she's kinda in the middle.

Hope to see you there, LMK if you will try to meet up.
Look for the lovely shapes around you, and scoop them up.


Vanessa said...

It's so true. I am longing for an old house with beautiful door knobs, woodwork, vents, etc. We lived in one in KS. I even loved the old light switches (push button)!

Rosemary said...

Good finds Margo. I just love the old hardware and architectural pieces. They are like pieces of art.
I wish I could meet up with you.
Have fun,

V. said...

ooh...I've gotta bookmark you...! It looks like you look at a pile of junk with the same eyes I do. Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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