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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Projects in waiting, and Inspiration from Ki & Sue

I've got my hand in several projects lately. A few are not finished but I thought I'd share them with you anyway.

First I have this great cabinet I got for $20.00. My vision is paint either white or green, then distressed. Glass knobs and baskets in place of the missing drawers. I love the shape of this piece.

Next is an inspiration board I made from a divider in old luggage. After I'd done my projects with the pockets, this piece was just laying there. It spoke to me Friday night, and this is what I came up with.

Even the trim was a Garage Sale Find.

this month's Country Home magazine had this project by the JunkMasters, Ki & Sue. I loved it, it looked easy, I had the parts so I went out yesterday and did it.

since I was being inspired by Ki & Sue I got on their web site and started looking around their Store. they've got some great new stuff up there, and they had this decorated old military style bag. Well you know me, I don't like to pay for anything. My son had one hanging around the house that he was no longer using. I "borrowed" it and am in the process of transforming it.

It's pretty scraggley, even faded some from the sun.

I'm going to be adding this fabric to all flaps

and this hardware as embellishment
It's far from finished, but this is a project I can work on in front of the TV while watching Jane Austin tonight.
Here are a few more works in process

This shelf needs a back and some touch-up paint

I need to attach these boards to this shutter for a shutter shelf
And here's a sign I made awhile back

I used to say all it takes is Time and Money. With my projects money is not as big a deal as
energy. So all I need is Time and Energy. Where's the caffeine???


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Do you limit your creative genius to junk or could you run the country? :>

What a great idea to use baskets when drawers are missing...I can use that idea today!

Sher said...

Hi there, Kiddo! Great looking cabinet, shelf, etc. I have a feeling that your son may just donate that bag to you after you finish its makeover! ;-)


Shelley said...

Hello Margo, can't wait to see the results of your little cabinet.
Bet, it will turn out so cute.
You have been very busy creating some great stuff. You are very talented.
Also, I love the material you found. It is just wonderful!


Tina said...

Lovin' the bag transformation!!

Rosemary said...

Your projects always amaze me.
You are so creative!!
Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas.

Dona said...

I am with you on the time issue. Never enough of it when we have ideas screaming to get out and paint not drying quick enough.


Inspired Tokens said...

Oh I love the cabinet. I think it would be beautiful in a mossy green with the glass knobs and baskets. How clever you are! I love it. Can't wait to see what color you decide on.

Simply Me Art said...

Where should I begin, Wow, the new chest cant wait to see how it comes out. The organizer is Fabulous and the military bag is right up my alley.. You Amaze me with Every visit.. Love everything...

Kate said...

Lord, girl! I think we would all benefit from just following you around! You find the neatest stuff. I do love the idea for the suitcase divider.

misselaineous said...

Margo scores again!! Just love the way you put stuff together...can't wait to see the finished cabinet..have a similar one sitting in my shed that I curbshopped last year...part oak, missing 1 drawer front, & really needs some TLC before it can move out of the shed! like the idea of the baskets to replace the missing drawers...just need more time...darn these real jobs :o) *elaine*

Jewel said...

It's great to see shutters used in other ways. Looking at your site
i was amazed and impressed to see all the neat ideas. Good job!

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