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Friday, March 21, 2008

Some People!!!!!

having today off of work DH and I decided to hit a few garage sales this morning. They were few and far between and nothing of real interest was found. The first sale we went to was a real dud, as we were leaving, I drove up a bit where there was a clear place to turn around. I did a 3 point turn, "turn, back up, and pull out strait", as I was pulling away, a man came out of a house, waving us down. We rolled down our window thinking he had an inquiry. He asked "what's going on here", I answered "there's a garage sale". At that point he replied very angerily that He was tired of people turning around in his driveway, and he had approached my car and was right up to us. His tone was very angry, and I thought it best to leave and avoid an escalation of the situation. As I drove forward DH and I heard a thud on my car and I assumed that he had hit it open handed as we drove off. Now let me say here, that I did not pull full into his driveway and am not sure I pulled into it at all. I may have 1-3 feet but that is all. I'm very conscientious of other peoples property and do not like to use driveways for that purpose. We drove on, tried to hit a few more sales and then headed home. I decided to look at my car to see if there was any damage and was surprised to find this.

A nice fist sized impression in my Junk Mobile. Well then we decide to go file a complaint with the police. First we had to drive by his house and get his address, then we drove to the police station and it was Closed. So we called and waited for a policeman to come and take our statement. That's all done, and so went our day, by this time it's noon.
Here's a few more pics of my hurt and bruised car

Maybe I need to get a junky car to do my junking :(
Well that's my adventure for today. For some great junk finds read the post below.
See ya on the junk pile.


Anonymous said...

Some people are so rude. Luckily only your car was hurt, can you imagine if he would have taken his anger out on you? Just remember there are more good guys out there than bad. Hope this doesn't ruin your weekend.

bec4 said...

Don't you just want to tell some people that life is too short to be angry about petty things like people turning around in your driveway?! Maybe he was a lonely guy who kept hoping it was people coming to see him, and then realized it wasn't (OK--I know that is stretching it--I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt). Anyways, I am so sorry for you. Don't let the cranky people get you down!

TinaTx said...

Bummer! Sadly that is the way some people are. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!
Congrats on the magazine. I've still got the rest of it to look over, but I looked for your picture first!

Wanda said...

Can you believe that?! I'm so sorry he picked on you and your car, but glad your husband was with you.

We had a yard sale at our house a couple of years ago and a man, who thinks he's a shot, both in church and in the community, was trying to go somewhere. He cannot get out of the neighborhood without passing our house. A car was blocking his way out, so he sat on his horn. Started yelling, "Whose car is this?" The lady was paying and said she'd be right there. He shouted, "YOU'LL MOVE IT NOW!!" There were a lot of people there at the time and everyone was just stunned. I can't see him, especially in church, without thinking about that day. And I can't see his wife without feeling sorry for her.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Glad that you called the police. So many people don't. If he didn't want cars turning around in his drive, he should have it marked. Yikes! Glad that all he did was bang his fist; he sounds like a very angry man.

Connie said...

That stinks!! What a SOB. As long as you are ok, that's the important thing.

Debbie P. said...

Wow; Actually how sad he has to be so angry. Maybe someone could pop that dent out for you. Then on top of that, the garage sales were bummers!! :(

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

What nerve !!! Oh my gosh, some people need to get a life !
I do like the goodies you found though :O)

vintage sue of VRS said...

Go on Judge Judy to continue your newfound public fame!!!! (my Country Home arrived today—CONGRATS!!!!)


Sher said...

Margo, I'm so sorry you had to meet someone with a junky disposition ("junky" used here in a not-so-good way). You and your hubby handled it properly, filling out a report and not going back to confront the guy.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

So sorry this happened to you. Some people are just sour.
Hope you have a great Easter.

pedalpower said...

I'm glad you filed a report. What a jerk. I don't care if you were all the way in his driveway, he shouldn't have done something like that! Scary.

Joy said...

That is just UNBELIEVABLE! The nerve! Hope he learns a lesson...

Linda's Blue Gate said...

OH NO.... your beautiful little car .... how very rude.... what a mean man..... I glad you and Roger are ok.... someone like could be very scary...

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