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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I was inspried by this blog
Ink Vanilla to mix up some of my shelf displays. Be sure to hop over to her site for some great displays.
Here's a built in unit in my bedroom. I just robbed my stashes of junk, to get this look.

I just love junk....

Also this week, I decided to take a couple pieces of rusty ceiling tin I had laying around, and make me a couple of shelves for me. I usually paint these white to sell, but my home is in Autumn colors. So I left them rusty, with a a bit of the original green poking through. I happened to have some matching green, to paint the wood parts.

Now for some weekend finds. This was a good junking weekend, and I'm going to make you wait to see some of it. but here's what I found for Friday's sales

2 Baskets, one is longaberger and one is Henn Workshops, but looks just like Longaberger. I'm starting to home in on baskets whenever I go to sales, and scan them for LB baskets. I'm amazed at how many are out there, and the owners don't know what they have. That metal thing is a canning jar lifter, and the little 2 drawer cabinet is an old music box/jewelry box. the music box does not work, but i love the design on it. All of this is for sale.

And I picked up these 2 broken tables. The feet came with them, I've already re-attached the missing legs, and have started to clean these up. I'm going to try to sell them with minimal work, but if they don't sell, I may try and paint them and see what happens.

Hope you all have a great Mother's day. As for me, my family is not real big on this day, and I've learned to lower my expectations.

More junk later this week. And there's a really good find too.
Be sure to check out the post below for a couple of easy T2T projects.


TinaTx said...

Hey Margo!
I love what you did with your bookcase - looks great. The tin shelves look great too. I would think about making some of those if I had anywhere to put one! LOL
Sorry they aren't too big on Mother's Day at your house. I hope you had a wonderful day anyway.
Have a great week!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Your book case look fab.... But your whole house looks like it should be in a magazine....
You are the master junker

Joy said...

Lovin' all of it Margo!

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