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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The list, Some finds and Weight Loss

First the List: (see post below)
I have made some progress. The dog is clipped and clean, but I'm waiting for her hair to dry before I try to comb her out. That will be later tonight (golden retriever coat :(
Scrapbook progress has been made and I'm done for the week. Will tackle his senior year next week when all the pictures are developed.
Brakes on the junkmobile are repaired, but I still need to get that slow leak in the tire fixed.
Office depot: well that is a story. I have coupons and a list in a pouch, that is in the junkmobile. It was at the repair shop, so no list and no coupons. So I just got what I know we had to have and the toner etc will wait for tomorrow.
And Son #1's bathroom is sparkling clean. Let me clarify this. His bathroom is the only one on the lower floor. So it's not just his, it's all of ours as well as any guests. And being that he uses it everyday to shower, shave etc. It does need cleaning often.

Still lots to do though, but that didn't stop me from stopping by a few estate sales this morning.
here's what I got.

Some Taylor Smith Taylor plates (I have a project in mind for the big one) and a great old beaded evening bag.

Shiny stuff and 3 flower frogs.

This is great, it's a clothes pin bag, with a great old graphic and it's full of
old clothespins.

Ohhh, Sparkly......

Now for the Weight issue: I currently weigh more than I ever have. I will not tell you what it is, but I'm not going to keep it. I have an " I will not weigh more than this" number, and I will tell you it's 5# over that. So I've started the weight loss journey-again. I will be posting my progress and failures here so that I have some accountability. I'm hoping that with all of your help I'll have the encouragement that I need to get off at least 5# and possibly go for 8#. that would get me out of the 140's. Oops, I just told my weight. ;)

So as of today, I'm down 1# from what I started at on Monday. Baby steps.


bec4 said...

Great finds--I love the clothespin bag. Thanks for sharing your weight loss goals/struggle,etc. I hear ya sister!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Man... do I ever hear ya sister... I was staring Monday then.. I made a coffee cake today .... what the... Your find are great and I love that wooden drawer thingy on the last post..

TinaTx said...

Great finds today!
If I could get of the 140s with 8# I would gladly tell you all about it! We won't discuss how much I would have to lose to get to the 140s!

Anonymous said...

Your finds are great, especially the clothespin bag. Your older son lives with you and you still clean his bathroom! You deserve MAJOR
Mother's Day perks, gifts and thankyous. Donna from MI


Hi Margo! My mom still has that very same clothespin bag!! It's in her laundry room right next to the little pink plastic lady that holds water to sprinkle on your clothes when ironing! Have a happy Mother's Day!

Simply Me Art said...

Fantastic Finds, i love the flower frogs. The Jewels are Gorgeous too. You are cookin on your list, slow boat wins the race you know. I battled weight issues for years, I still do everyday. I feel you with that, the older we get also the harder it is to come off. you will do it! I wanted to let you know I thanked you for my Award today and I will be passing the award on Next week after my Givaway. My only problem is my list of people to pass it too is huge! I need to narrow it down by about 40! Happy Mothers Day. Jamie

Sand Flat Farm said...

Happy Mothers Day, Margo!
Love the clothespin bag - I think my mom had one like that.
Looks like you're making progress on your list to do and crossing things off. You go girl!

I'm with you on the weight thing - went & tried on some new clothes at Macy's yesterday and looked at myself in that 3-way mirror, and just about died. That couldn't be ME???? Horrors! See ya - Vickie

Anonymous said...

Margo you can do it. If you drink any kind of soda, try cutting that out. Good Luck you will get there.

Connie said...

From someone who loves to hang out clothes, I can appreciate the clothes pin bag. You are not alone with your goal to loose weight. All you can do is one pound at a time. Keep the faith.

cottagetiques said...

Try Weight Watchers, it works, I did it last year and lost 32 lbs. It's the easiest program to follow and you get to eat anything you want. The important thing is to go to the meetings, it's only $12 a week and it keeps you on track! And who cares about numbers??!! I still weight 158 lbs, but I wear a size 10 and I think I look pretty good for 47 years young!!
Good Luck

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