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Monday, July 7, 2008

Blog Business and advise

I have a few questions out there for you bloggers and I need your input.

I have a question about how you load pictures on your blog. Do you use an HTML code to put pictures up or is there some other way that I'm not aware of.

Secondly: I receive all of your replies to my Inbox. Some of you have no return email address on there so I can't reply directly to you. Some of you have your email address on there. I'm pretty sure this is a setting from when we first set up our accounts here. If you ask me a question, and don't get a response it is because you've got your email blocked.

Ki has her blog started. She and I worked on it some Sunday morning, and she's getting started. I told her to take one step at a time, and don't try to learn it all in one sitting. I know I still have lots to learn as well.
Check it out here, Pop over there, and say hi and give her some encouragement.

How the heck do I get that white box from around my graphic????? Ha! I figured it out. I simply changed my "border color" to the same color as my background.


cindee said...

Hiiiii, Just found out you are blogging...(-; I was on Garden Junk a bit ago. I love your wood floor. I would love to have them throughout my house. I hate carpet. Hopefully someday I will be able to. Stop by and say hi sometime!!! I am going to add you to my blog roll!!! Happy Blogging!!!

Sarah said...

I upload all of my photos through Google's Picasa. Thus far it has worked very well for me! Here's a link to some info about it...I also use this website to guide me through, there's a wealth of info available. Hope this is of some help to you!

Sonja said...

For me I just upload it when I post a new blog. I choose Right, Left, Center, Small, Big or Medium, and it up loads. Is there something different I'm missing?

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
I upload my pictures through my Kodak easyshare.
I don't know about the email thing and the frame around your graphic.
I am going to go and check out Ki's blog.

A Lovely Thing said...

I just use the blogger upload function to put up photos. I used to go through the trouble of putting them on Photobucket and linking, but uploading works faster.

Also, there a draft version of blogger where they're testing a better method of putting the photos where you want them -- instead of always at the top.

Try it here

Devonia said...

Margo, I have "tagged" you cuz I don't want any of my readers who don't know about you to miss your blog. I can't do justice describing it unless I sound like I'm telling a Texas-sized whopper - your blog is wonderful! Pop into my blog at your convenience to find the rules.

Pics - I use Picasa as well. Easy and they are click & enlarge. I see someone has already supplied the link. You'll love it.

Joy Zaczyk said...

Hi Margo,

Of the features that I don't actually like about Blogger is the fact that you can't reply to people's comemnts like you can on Typepad. With Typepad you can email directly but with Blogger you have to go to their blog and then try to find an email link through there....

When I upload pics I just upload them from my desktop - I use the 'html' version on the blog instead of the 'compose' method. It allows me to cut and paste them wherever I want them to go. Did that makes sense?

Also, the white box is appearing around that image becasue your blog background is green and the image that you loaded has a white background. The page that you got it from probably had a white bg so you never noticed it...

Phew, hope that helps! Going to check out Kii's blog - how exiciting!


Sher said...

Hey, Margo! I upload my photos the same way as Sonja - you know, go to the "new post" command, click on the photo graphic and go from there. I've found the easiest way to position the photos is by the old cut and paste method. I'm html challenged and use it only when absolutely necessary. The white line around your graphic? Sorry, can't help you there!

smith kaich jones said...

Margo - I just upload through the blogger upload feature. If I need to reposition the photo (which I try to NEVER do)I then go into the HTML section which allows you to cut & paste & put it wherever you want. I have a problem with colors however. Blogger ALWAYS shows my images as bluer than they are - I have to incorrectly color correct them in Photoshop specifically for blogger. THAT makes me crazy cause sometimes I forget. And it's important because sometimes I actually sell paintings via my blog.


Idaho Quilter said...

I was going to share my limited photo upload knowledge, but looks like you are covered. I may look into a few of the tips you recieved. Maybe I can learn something.

pedalpower said...

I just start a new post, click on the little mountaintop snapshot graphic and upload from my computer. I do resize them before I do all that make them quicker to load. I don't know much html so the easier the better for me.

love the chair and the burlap is perfect!

Patti said...

Hi! I LOVE your blog! I used to just use the blogger upload for photos but I noticed other blogs had larger photos than mine & heard somewhere that if you go through Flickr, your photos automatically load larger. So, I tried it recently & it's true. Just sign up for a free account at & blog your photos from there; however, I noticed when someone double-clicks on my photo, it now takes them directly to Flickr, which I haven't noticed it doing on other people's blogs, so I'm still researching (I'm new to blogging!).....I may try Picasa that a couple of the comments mentioned....Hugs, Patti

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