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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Free Junk & I need you detectives to find something for me-again

It's funny, once the word gets around that you are a junker, People just start sending stuff your way. I f you are lucky that is. I was recently given this great haul of white shutters

And I found this great shutter in the trash

And don't you just love that iron piece in front of it. That wasn't free, but it was a good price. Of course it's part of an old sewing cabinet, but I thought it had the look of the lower portion of an old clock. don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet, but I had to have it.

do you remember this freebe?

Well I painted it, distressed it (of course) and then for the cushion I covered it in a part of a coffee bean burlap bag.

writing on bag is slightly askew on purpose.

My friend gave me these "ugly" light fixtures she found in her attic
Well I found this tag attached to one of them.
Wow that is a lot of money. Now they are not so "ugly".

After TamiV was so great and found my Platter (which I have received and LOVE)
I have another item for you to find. It seems I've seen them recently, in a catalog or something. I'm sure they'll be all over the place in a year, but for now I'd like to find a distributor for pots like this.

I purchased one that was urn shaped, and I love it, but would love to have more and to offer them for sale. Any ideas???


countrygirl3031 said...

I absolutely love the chair. I have alot of shutters sitting in the garage, but haven't had the time to do anything it's been so hot, I'm not brave enough to spend time out there..LOL.

Wendy said...

The chair turned out great!

Simply Me Art said...

Oh Margo, I Adore Shutters. I Swear that these Goodies Find YOU! You are more Lucky then anyone I know with the Finds.Jamie

Joy said...

You always have the best "finds" even when they find you!
I've passed on a very deserving award to you. Come by my blog to pick it up. Congratulations!

B Jones said...

I LOVE how the chair turned out!! Where in the world did you find that fabric though? ? In regard to the iron piece, I agree with it having the look of an old clock. . . I think you should go with that idea. Use a circular piece of wood (or anything else circular and with all the #'s I'm sure you already have on hand - purchase a "clock kit" and you've got it. (just an idea. . .) Let us know your final "design"

cindee said...

I love the chair! You did a great re-do(-: The sewing machine leg is great too!!!! I love shutters too.

Lilacs said...

Love the shutters! There is always a use for them, and something to be done with them. I have 1 in my kitchen on the side cabinet that a small floral pc was added at bottom, and found a couple of mini kitchen utensils to hang from the corner of the shutter which is white.

I love that iron pc. How unique, and your mind does wonder with what it could be.

Good luck with all the gifts & your finds. Enjoy:)


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