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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Display is up

Several of you wanted to see what my display piece looked like when I got it up to my booth.

I've got it decked out with necklaces, I'm going to be hanging my
various sun catchers and garden chandies from the bars that hold up the awning, next time I
get up there.

Close up of some of my jewelry display

I need your help
I picked up this piece for "free" at a GS. It was one of those "if you want it, take it" kinda things.
Well of course I wanted it. Now I could always add legs and bring it back to what it was, but that is boring. Do ya'll have any ideas of what I could do with it?


Stacey said...

How about a family message center? I'd take the large pieces apart and use what's now the top and the magazine holder on the side for the project. Stack the now the top piece standing up on the magazine holder and put together. Could use chalkboard paint or cork or hook for small calendar on top, with the bottom holding invites, school papers, mail, etc. Paint it and there you go!
Have fun deciding what to do!

ps-the display looks incredible!

cindee said...

What a beautiful display!!! You have done a fine job with everything!!!!

Sher said...

I love the display! As far as the table goes, I see several projects. The top looks like a tray. How about removing it, adding a handle, etc. to the open end, painting it and putting a mirror in the bottom? It would look beautiful displaying vintage glassware.

That side magazine rack could be fixed up and hung in a bathroom to hold rolled up towels.

The second shelf - Looks like it wants to be a chalkboard. Remove the spindles and it even has a little shelf to hold chalk. Put a spindle on each side for a decorative touch. Save the others for another project.

...but knowing you, you can come up with something really incredible!


TinaTx said...

Love the new display piece! Hoping I get to come by and see it in person on Friday. (meeting a friend for lunch so all depends on how much time I have after lunch!)

mim shaffer said...

Regarding your legless end table, it looks like something I could secure to the corner of my deck railing for my birdies. You could place shallow tin trays (? pie plates) on each "shelf" and fill with seed on the top shelf and water on the bottom shelf. The end piece (which likely used to hold magazines, etc.), I would fill with bird friendly greenery/flowers and corn cobs.

Sand Flat Farm said...

Will have to think about the other piece! Sounds like you've already gotten some great ideas for it!
Take care -

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