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Monday, July 21, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday

OK so I know it's not Sunday, but I didn't find out about this until I read it on Joy's blog this morning. Little Pink Studio is hosting a fabulous Show and Tell. Show your vintage paper Ephemera (I only just learned how to pronounce this word, and now I'm working on spelling it. I always want to add an i before that last a.)
Anyway, I loved Joy's pictures so much that I decided to jump on this bandwagon and look for my Ephemera. I didn't think I had much, but I was so wrong.
First I have these old report cards from Paris. No not France... Texas.
They are for sale in my booth, but I will also sell them online.

I love these old notebooks, the dust pan is available on my ebay.

And then there are the wonderful word flashcards, like the one above. I have some of them for sale this week on my ebay too.
I have a thing for flash cards lately and I picked up these a few weeks ago.

I also love that little clip board that I picked up from the red shed girls last month. (not for sale)
These old number cards are so much fun. I have lots available if you are interested.

I got this several years ago and I love it. the cards are smaller than regular cards, and I have almost all the letters. These are great for spelling out words in my hutch or holiday displays.

More word flashcards, and some old Dairy tickets. There's that tip clip board again. Don't ya just love it.

Love these dairy coupons. I have a few pages available for sale.

Valorie of the Red Shed gave me these great old folders with letters A & M. No I'm not an Aggie, those are my initials.

I found these great file folders last week and they are available on my ebay this week.

Love this booklet I picked up from the veranda last month.

Travel ephemera, displayed in a small suitcase.


this is my inspriation board with several pieces of ephemera on it.
Holiday cards, valentines, BINGO, letter cards pictures etc.
I love the old drying rack, and have never seen another like it.

This old church pew holds a few interesting pieces. There are two books
there that are of local interest. And I love that note book with the plane.

here's a close up.

Well that is not all, but that is all I'm showing today. Now it's your turn. Show and Tell.


Rosemary said...

Really great ephemera Margo!!!
If you ever find some Halloween ephemera, let me know.
Have a wonderful week,

Stacey said...

What fun ephemera! Now you have me doubting how I pronounce it too! :)
Your blog is very inspiring, I check it out often! I added a link on my blog to yours, if that's ok. Have fun with your paper pretties!

Eve said...

What a great collection.

Colleen said...

Wow - my favorite kind of junk! I am really enjoying this round of Show and Tell. Great stuff! My favorites are the report cards and dairy coupons.

cindee said...

Wow great stuff!!! My son would have loved that notebook when he was a kid. He loved airplanes. That is a real jewel!!!!(-:

Joy Zaczyk said...

O.k. I am drooling all over my keyboard now! LOVE the file folders - they are too cool!

Simply Me Art said...

WoW Margo, Ive seen lots of blogs with their collections but none as full and beautiful as yours. Jamie

Ki said...


I am drooling! I love all that stuff. I could spend hours digging through it. Best part is it doesn't require a dolley and muscles when you decide to buy. I think you should call it Junk and tell!

tiffany~ shabbyscraps said...

My husband would love that "speed" notebook!! Love your ephemera!
xoxo, Tiffany

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