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Friday, August 8, 2008

Come along with me as I go junking.

I thought I'd take you all with me as I went Junking today. You are all with me in spirit anyway, so Here we go.
First we need to turn on the GPS so we can get to the sales the I found in the paper that look interesting.

My Dh got me this as a gift, and I love it. I'm able to find so many places now, and the other benefit is, that after following signs, and getting completely lost, It gets me out and to the next destination quick and easy. I think I'm probably saving gas too.

Well that sale was a dud, but we are near my favorite fast food spot and it's time to get my fuel.
1 Large Sweet tea please.

now back on the road, and dodging construction

Let's follow this sign

good sign does not always mean good sale.

Nothing at that one for me.
Let's follow this sign

Nothing at that one either. Well I guess that there are not that many sales today.
It has been hot and lots of people wait until it cools off a bit, so August can be kinda slow.
So now I'm off to work, for a few hours.
When I get all that boring stuff done, I head over to the Flea Market in town that is open every week. I go mostly to visit with the nice ladies there, but sometimes I find treasures.

It is in the East Texas Fair grounds buildings, and there is another building just down the road that has opened it's doors to liquidate all it's treasures before the Fair starts. I stopped in there and hit the motherload.

Here is some of what I picked up.

I got the wire stuff at a sale earlier and these shoe stretchers had such a great shape I just had to pick them up. And the price was right. Wait till you see what I made with them.

Isn't this stove pipe divine. There is a grate on each end. Now to figure out how to get the grates off of the pipe.

I got 6 pieces of this tin, Love the flowers

I also picked up some books, and B&W Photo's and some vintage Postcards and advertising cards. You can see most of that stuff on my ebay this week. Click banner at the right.
Yesterday I was able to hit an estate sale and i picked up some fun stuff there too.

And this great box of trim bits.

Wait till you see what I made with the corks, and the flash cards will be an ebay item.
Then this evening I got a call from my Son. His adviser at his college, is a junker like me and we've gotten to know each other. She is having a sale this weekend and was offering a pre-view to her "friends" so i headed over there and picked up this great piece.

Look at those details. I think this is destined to be the back of a bench.

Out of all the treasures I found this weekend, I think my favorite has to be this little item.

You see, my DH and I have adopted several rescue greyhounds. We are on our 3rd, sadly the others passed away of cancer. Cancer is very common in this breed. Our current hound is Gigi which stands for goofy girl. When I saw this little card I just had to have it. My best buy for only $2.
Thank you for coming along with me. Here are my 2 projects with some of my finds.
The shoe stretchers are now a wall hook thingie

and the corks are now a bulletin board.

What a fun 2 days.
Take care,


cindee said...

Wow you did great!!! And you got things all put together too!!! You are a speedy worker!!!!

Simply Me Art said...

That was a Fun Entry, I loved living Vicariously thru you Junkin. Love what you did with the corks. Jamie

Renee said...

What a geat Junking trip, Margo!! I would have loved to been with you. I love the tins. Thanks for sharing your trip!


Traci said...

You amaze me!! I love the metal tube w/ the grates....would look just lovely on my back pation.... Did you do the cork board w/ a shadow box? I'm getting ready to head out right to. get. off. computer.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Margo, Thanks for sharing your finds with us! I'm always amazed at how you come up with (and put together)such great T2T items--I love your new projects! :)

Blessings, Stacey

TinaTx said...

Thanks for taking us along! bet you get a lot of use out of that GPS! Hubby says my next vehicle is going to have one. (can't find my way out of a paper bag with a road map, but then you know that about me already!)
You never cease to amaze me at how quickly you get those things made! Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Margo, thanks for the road trip it was almost like being there! You always find the best stuff! I love the shoe stretcher "rack", you make everything so fassssst!
I've got a ton of corks..just gave me a another idea.
Keep creating! :) Jan

Cinj said...

What a fun day. I like to go junking too. I think I drive my husband crazy with all of the ongoing projects around here. I never seem to get mine finished in just one day. I guess I'm a bit ADD. Oh well. Thanks for bringing us along. I love those projects.

lovesoldstuff said...

I love the greyhound card! I love dog collectibles in general though. Looks like you had a great junking day...sales are slow in my area..slim pickins, it's nice to get my junking 'fix' through you!

csudderth said...

Wow!!!! You put me to shame. Can't wait to see the finished wooden girls. Hey, that stove pipe with the grates on both end would make an amazing body for a robolady!

Sand Flat Farm said...

I bet we could hit twice as many sales with your new GPS!!! I'll be on the lookout for you, Margo -

Great stuff you got there. I really like that piece of white trim from the fairgrounds. I haven't been by there yet, but plan to go. See ya around junkin'!

Debi said...

My second job in Junior high was to work at your drink stop!!! I worked there from 8th grade until after my oldest daughter was 1 year old!!! (7 years) lololol. The most fun I ever had!! I was a carhop... on SKATES and all!! We went all over Kansas training the help for all the Sonics that opened after ours. We were the first in our area!!! I always loved when people just gauked because we could deliever everything without spilling a drop... even when our classmates threw things in front of us...
When I decided it waa time to grow up and get a "Real" job... I was the highest paid employee... even our assistant manager got paid less (OOPS) Wow... thanks for the memory!!

And also thank you for the ridealong!! Was great for me :D

Wish I was a quick finishing projects!! I Believe I have to be ADHD too ;-)

Thanks again

Katie said...

About that GPS Margo, I dont know how nor why I lived all these years without it. It has got to be the single most greatest invention of all times. I love mine.Never miss a garage sale or antique shop AGAIN EVER! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing all about your trip with us that was great! Have a great day!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Love what you do with junk.

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