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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I can't help but change stuff around

First let me say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. My day was busy but not with birthday stuff. I had to travel to the big city (DFW) for a bridal shower, and while I was there, I had dinner with my mother. Of course she gave me a birthday gift and card and we had a nice visit. So I was away from my family for the day, but that is OK, as I've sorta gone off birthdays anyway. :)

I can't seem to leave well enough alone, and I was desiring some changes to my home landscape. In case you haven't noticed, primitive is on it's way out.
Added on 8/4/08: I didn't meant to cause a decorating panic with that statement, so let me explain. I think that some kinds of primitives are on their way out. Don't everyone run out and re-decorate your homes in a panic. If you like it, by all means, keep it. Maybe it's just me???? It just seems that I'm seeing less of the cutsie homespun tea dyed hearts and bears in baskets these days. Prim can easily be converted to the Up-to-date prim and you've probably already started and didn't realize it.
I never went real Prim, I do have some Prim stuff hanging around. Today I decided it was time for one certain thing to change. Well actually I've known it for awhile but today decided exactly what to do. See I can't remove something without knowing what to put in it's place. So I removed my small stack of shaker (replica) boxes in 90's hunter green, navy blue and maroon, and replaced it with this.

Aren't these little pots just as cute as can be. I picked them up in Ft Worth Yesterday.

I think this updates it from Prim to Whatever? I'm going for these days.
I also decided to change my 1/2 table wall shelf for one of the new ones I made.

Sorry the pics are so dark.

And to change what I had inside this frame.
Those are old ceiling tins in that frame. I had spindles hanging in there before. My poor walls are starting to look like pin cushions.

So I guess I have pacified that decorating itch I was having, and I followed the unspoken rule of "if I bring something in, something has to be taken out".
Hope you all have a great week.
Be kind to each other.


Dona said...

Have a great week. Sorry I missed your Birthday. Hope you got everything you dreamed for. Stop by, I have something for you.


simple~needs said...

great job!! i like the groupings!!
i have been trying to scale down a little with my primitives. some primitives out there are more cutsey prim. at least in my opinion.
i like crocks, stoneware, iron work etc...
i had bought a couple of the old suitcases to redo. a friend of mine said "old suitcases are on their way out".... i gave
her a crazed look and she shut

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I really like your new urn and pots. The roses look lovely in there! My favorite, though, is the tins/picture frame! I love how you displayed them together! Great look!


cindee said...

I really like your new items(-: They look great arranged together!!!! Happy Monday to you!!!(-:

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Primitives are on their way out? Oh dear! Wonder what my local "primitives" shop owner will say when she hears that?! This trend probably won't reach us for another five years.

Your home is lovely!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Happy late Birthday Margo !! I hope you had a wonderful day !

I didn't know prim was out ~ I thought it was coming back ~ you learn something new every day ~ hehe!

I love your new wall decor ~

Sand Flat Farm said...

I hope primitives are not on their way out! My farmhouse is all primitive. Help - you'll have to come and tell me what to do with it!!!

I love the urn and roses combo!

Hope you had a good birthday!

Eve said...

I love the old ceiling tins and the little pots and urn, fit a lot of different styles. I'll be interested to see where you are going with this.

Rosemary said...

HI Margo,
Let me say, Happy Belated Birthday!!
I hope it was a great day!!
I have been a little busy around here.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. To answer you question, the new dress form is wood at the bottom, so it isn't as heavy as it could be.
Still not sure what I will dress this one up in, I am kind of liking just the ribbon for now.
I am with you on the primitives, I think that they have been on the way out for awhile now (the cutesy stuff anyway)
Have a nice night, and keep cool.

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