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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That darn Internet

Yesterday, when I got home around 2:00 I discovered that our internet is not working. I should have know when I came in the door and DH was vacuuming his office. Him not at the computer is a sure sign that something is amiss. After discovering that it was down, I just went about my business, trying to be patient for it to start up again. It never happened. Let's just say, my floors are cleaned, laundry and ironing are done, dogs are bathed, bills are paid, kitchen is get the idea. I felt so disconnected. What was happening out there in all of your lives, that I have no way to find out about? It's a horrible feeling. I was able to get the angels and table finished and I added halos to the angels last night.

Here's the sewing drawer occasional table.

When I woke up this morning the net was working again, and I thought "Yeah, the horror is over". But when I had failed to receive any responses from DH regarding emails I had sent him this morning from work, I feared the worse. My fears were confirmed when I just called him and he said that it worked for about 20mins and it's off again. GRRRRR!
So I'm making this post from work, so you all will not feel that I've dropped off the planet. I guess if you want to talk to me you'll have to call, and feel free because I'm feeling very disconnected right now. And if I don't respond quickly to emails, never fear, I can check them at work tomorrow. Update: It's working for the moment, (fingers crossed)


Anonymous said...

I sure knwo how you fell Margo! I get SOOO much done when my internet is down....but I am in a bad mood when it is down. LOL!


Carol said...

OOps...I really need to learn how to slow down & type proper!!


Eve said...

The only worse thing is having your cell phone die on you. I hate that! I lose my connection to the local world then. LOL We got rid of our home phone and just use cells now.

I lvoe the angels. I wish I had the get up and go to try this out. Are you sparying them with outside arylic or are they for the inside?

That litte table is a treasure.

Traci said...

Ok, I'm in OooOooOoklahoma....I have family in Garland....WHERE ARE YOU?....we are hoping to get to Dallas in November to see TUT.

Simply Me Art said...

The Most Frustrating thing ever, when the internet goes down. I feel for you, Ive had it happen several times. But see how much can get accomplished when we pull ourselves away from this box. Hehehehe. Love the new creations. Jamie

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Well I thought something had happened when I saw your new name. I just zipped back to my blog to change it on my blogroll.

The sewing table is just so charming. I love it!

(I'm thinking that I might need to actually pray for the power to go out if I could get accomplished all that you did!)

Sher said...

Margo, I know exactly what you mean! I felt totally disconnected from EVERYTHING when my computer was messed up! But isn't it amazing the things you get done when not sitting in front of that screen??

I love your architectural angels; they're beautiful! Did you mosaic that frame in back of them?


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