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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Few Fun Things

I got my first shipment of the Vintage Textile Soak today,

and I am now offering this great cleaning product for sale. I like it so much that I'm becoming a distributor. This is good news for local's as you can get this directly from me without shipping charges. Each bag of soak is $9.98. If you need it shipped, I can send it parcel post for 4.55 and Priority mail for 4.80.
You need this stuff. Read about my product test on this great textile cleaner here



Also in today was this great batch of old Coke Coupons

each coupon is printed on a heavy card stock of some sort, yellowed with age,
Beautiful coca-cola graphic on one side, and the coupon for "the Contents of a Bottle of Coca-cola" on the other. The greatest part of this coupon are the words on the sides "Not good at Soda Fountains" They measure 2" x 2.75" ea. Batch of 10 is $3 plus shipping of .50c. These little cards would be great for your altered art project, or ephemera collection. Not to mention for the Coke collector.
Just respond or email me to order.

I'm stocking up for my sale
I just finished another China Wreath

I love how the pearls just drip from these cups.

And here is my stock of china swags and wreaths, just waiting to be sold

For more information about my Sale click below

6 Days till the Bonanza, Yee Haw!!

1 comment:

TinaTx said...

Girlfriend, if I had known you were going to start selling the textile soak, I would have waited to buy from you! (I ordered some right after you posted about it - not that I have actually taken the quilt off the wall and washed it or anything)
Can't wait until your sale! Have a great weekend!

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