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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More on Nita's sale

Attn Tyler Locals-don't miss this sale
4 pack-rats and junkers joining forces for the junk and collectible sale of the year.

House is full, inside and out

Mannequins $40 ea

It's gonna be a blast.
Nita's cottage is off of hwy 64, about 11 miles outside the loop out towards Lake Tyler East. Turn left at the first opportunity
(RD # 2607) after you pass over the Lake Tyler Bridge. Go 1 mile, north on 2607, follow signs to the sale. It's worth the drive for sure. Thursday, Fri & Sat 8:00am - ?.


Tina said...

Oh how I wish I could just pick up and go! Looks like a junkers paradise.

Jenny S said...

WOW!! I wish I lived closer!! Looks like a great amount of stuff!!

Debbie P. said...

What an absolutely great lookin' sale! I hope the stuff is flying out the door all weekend for you and Nita!

smith kaich jones said...

This weekend is my birthday. I'll be there. What a treat!

:) Debi

Anonymous said...

Oh.. I wish I was closer, I would be in 7th heaven!

:) Jan

Sher said...

OMG, $40 mannequins???? That does it, I'm moving to Texas.

TinaTx said...

Well, that was a new one - I tried to make a post and it said 'duplicate action'.
Anyway - as I was saying - looks like it is going to be a great sale. Instead of shopping there, I'll be here trying to get rid of some of my own junk. Nothing as interesting looking as what I see in those pictures. I'll be spending today marking stuff. Oh how fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh , I am so jealous. I see a great sale and , yes , Sunshine , too. You are so blessed! Good luck on your sale. Sue

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