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Monday, November 3, 2008

They're Here

Got a box in the mail today.

Wonder what's inside?????


And they are beautiful, The pictures are stunning, and the colors came out so good. I'm really glad that I upgraded to a heavier and glossy paper.
Those white marks are reflection from the lights in the room.

You will not be disappointed. for everyone who has already ordered, I will mail tomorrow. If you haven't ordered, get yours soon. Ordering info below.

Each Calendar is $14.50 shipping included.
Order now for immediate shipping
Not only does this calendar feature wonderful photo's by our talented bloggers. But also has Flea Market sale dates marked, as well as the usual holidays. This is a "must have" for any lover of junk.
You can view a preview of the entire calendar


csudderth said...

Yea!!! Can't wait to get mine.

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hey Margo - I want a calendar - can we do lunch again soon? Save me one!

Sher said...

They look GREAT! I only wish I could have gotten our emails straight so my pix might have been included!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...



Tracey said...

They are simply JUNKtastic!!! I can't wait to get mine!!!


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