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Monday, December 22, 2008

A great big thank you

Recently I've been getting lots of private emails that have touched my heart. I thought I'd share these with you. I am so glad when my web site can inspire and entertain. Thanks for all your kind words:

I love everything about your web site! I just spent over an hour looking at all the "goodies" you have made! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing with others!
Sincerely, Cindy ...Lancaster County, PA

I thought that note holder by Sonja was so cute. So I have an extra clear glass medium size salt shaker.What i plan on doing is putting a few pearl beads in it and using a small fork for the note holder.If I can get a picture of it when done,I'll send it. Your site is wonderful and i am so glad I found it.I love to make stuff outta junque lol.I hope you have a very Merry Christmas,and a Happy New Year. Cheers, Linda

I love your store and blog. My name is Marie and I'm a recycled soul. I love all old vintage, shabby salvaged redesigned what evers. I have been working on opening a store for a few years...

Hi Margo;
I have to say that "just finding your site has been an inspiration" to me in general!! You have such a creative mind and awesome finished products that it brought out the "old me" that decorated and created in ways that made me feel warm, special and comfortable to be living here. I think for a time that getting in a groove of what "looked right or was the norm" felt safe and predictable but I had a desire to let my imagination free and some of your projects allowed me the space to be "me" again!!!!! I don't like to be the robotic, everyday, like everyone else person....I dare to be different and now I am back to the part of my self that displays objects that make me......unique and individual!! Not what is to be expected!! Thank you!! Gina

I just wanted to let you know I spent hours on your site enjoying all the creative things you made, I so enjoyed every moment that I was there and noticed many items that I have on hand and have save because of there uniqueness. One thing I made tonight was the stir up with ornament, I have saved it for years, just because LOL and now it is a beautiful Christmas decoration. Thanks so much>>>>>> You are very gifted!Happy Holidays!Deb

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that I recently came across your site/blog while I was looking for ideas on what to do with an old window frame. I LOVED all the ideas on your site! I go to the local auction every week and I always come home with finds that were abaondoned for the trash. Everything from furniture to old toys to slavaged historic home pieces. . .I am going to be a regular at your site now to find ideas for all my odd finds.

just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy your website. It is one of the first things I do in the morning right along with my coffee.I love the things you acquire and what you make with them. I also love junk. My husband and I are remoldeling an old farm house and I have been doing a lot of things like you have on you website. My daughter even brought me a frame with a screen in it and said "mom I saw this and thought you could make something out of it. I found it in a dumpster ." And she was right. I have big plans for it.I am in line for a liver transplant so doing things like you have on your website is my therapy. lol lol .I also have access to a lot of tools and know how to use them even if my husband thinks im crazy.I love them.Keep the cool ideas coming. Heidi from PA

Thanks to everyone for all the nice notes, they mean a lot to me.
Christmas blessings to you all.


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

I love your blog and your ideas, too, Margo! It's great that you are touching so many lives!

Tina said...

That is so nice that you are receiving such encouragement about your blog. I visit so often and have you on my link list. Many years ago, I used "junk" for my craft and art supplies because that is what I could afford and now it's just a passion and it's so fun to meet others and see their junk perspective. blessings to you and Merry Christmas.

Kudzu said...

Merry Christmas!
I love your blog and all the unique ideas you have!

snowman hill said...

We love your blog Margo!! I also love your pictures! Merry Christmas- Krista

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Margo, what sweet comments. I too a blog lurker of yours as well. While I may not always say hello, I have to check on you, you know. Merry Christmas to you as well, T

Angela said...

Margo I added you to my bloglist early this morning and have just come back to spend some time with you. I realize I HAVE been here before. I even brought hubby to check out all the wonderful things you do with 'junk', and told him, 'you can make me that, and this, and oh, look at this'. LOL...
So now I will sit with my Tim Horton's Candie Cane Hot Chocolate and enjoy some of your posts...I'm so happy to have 'found' you again.

Ki said...

You are inspiration to me as well! Along with your creativity, I admire your get-it-done attitude. There never seems to be a project too big for you to tackle...even if it means learning as you go. Keep up the amazing job of creating and connecting with us junkers!

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