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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time to Purge

Every year about this time, I get overwhelmed by stuff. I don't know if it's because all the Christmas decorations, make it all look cluttered or what. But I seem to go through a purging phase. It's too early to take the Christmas down, but I'm already thinking ahead. I'm ready to get rid of all of it, well not ALL of it. But I went through my house with a basket, and loaded it up with "stuff" that I feel I can "pass on". I love the idea of Boxing Day that they have up in Canada, and I feel that I will probably be participating in this tradition, but it will be "Boxing Month" at my house.

I'm so ready to take Christmas down, and get things back to "Normal" and figure out what items I'm done with, and over with. Edit my over-done house, and get ready for a whole new batch of fun junk in the coming year. Do any of you go through this around this time? Not sure what it is but seems like a perfect time to clear out the clutter. Of course my DH will look around, and not know what I've removed. It will still look cluttered to him.

One of the things I'm gonna sell off, is my over the top collection of Longaberger baskets.

See I went through a phase a few years ago, had a wonderful LB party and got lots of free, and reduced price baskets. Then of course I bought a bunch off of ebay... yadda, yadda, yadda. Let's just say, I'm over it. Time to send them to new homes. But I'm still keeping lots.

Then there are the "why did I buy that" things. Little trinkets that gave me a very temporary sense of "object happiness". I'm old enough to know that things do not buy happiness, but I'm also very susceptible to impulse purchases. Time for these things to give happiness to someone else.

Then there are the things, that I kept, used and displayed for years. I mean years, maybe even 13 years in some cases, like my Game Board. I moved it from my old house to my new one.

It hung for years in both places, but I think I'm over it. I'm not sure really, but I think I am. It will go in "storage" for awhile, while I decide if I'm truly over it. I'm fortunate to have a barn and a huge attic for such items.

A friend and I were recently talking about Junk Feng Shui. Perhaps one or 2 statement pieces in a room, can be quite striking. No need to take it over the top... Right ;) Well maybe just one more item.

Never fear, I already have a couple of new projects in the queue for the new year.

I'll be out of touch for a couple of day, Celebrating with family. I hope you all have a great and blessed Christmas.


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Margo!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Margo ~
I am sooo much like that around this time of year ~ We used to move alot so that is how I purged everything ~ well we have been in our house for about 13 years and it is definitely time !! Way over time to purge !!
It is so hard to take the time though ~ I would love to have a declutter person come and do it for me ~

Anita said...


I am in the same mental place as you. I went through 5 tubs of Christmas and have one ready to take to our consignment shop. I am in such a pare down and get to what I really want mode that Christmas shopping was not my usual trolling the malls and overspending and stuffing dollar store mad ein china stuff intheir stockings too- I just bought from the lists, stopped when the budget was gone- and felt better. No debt. Sometimes I think my things control me instead of vice cersa. Now I am getting rid of them- actually have been selling them off for over a year- and I still am not done. But making progress. Other things- it's enough for me to know they exist in the world, I don't have to HAVE THEM. So, mERRY CHRISTMAS to you, plain and simple.

PS- I did that same Longebarger thing- isn't that funny? I kept 4 and sold the rest. Ahhhh...

Peggy. said...

Love the game board! If you ever do sell it let me know.

Have a great Christmas!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Yup. The game board is cool. And way too funny! I am so over my longaberger baskets! I guess ebay is the way to go, as I think they are still wanted, by someone? Hope so! Indeed. I think a few weeks after Christmas, I will still be clearing out extra, no longer wanted clutter.

A Blessed Christmas to you and yours, Margo. ~Mindy

curiousgoods said...


I love it, hearing that others are clearing clutter this week. I have been doing it, and a friend of mine brought me over a lot of things today that she is clearing out so that I can see if I can use them at the shop.
You would think that we would be enjoying trimming the tree and cooking the goose, but we would all rather be clearing the cobwebs and giving away the excess. Great to see like minded friends!
Merry Christmas, Donna

Kudzu said...

My "Purge" phase comes around Spring Cleaning time. The last few years I've been a lot better about getting rid of "stuff", and bringing more "stuff" into the house. I bought bins and actually used them this time!
I was collecting baskets, and had a lot hung from the ceiling in the dining room. When we had to hang new sheetrock,I took them down, and eventually got rid of almost all of them.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

No, I never get the urge to take Christmas down. Once up, I want it to last for a good long time. I do often feel the urge to purge stuff and so that happens repeatedly through the year. I'm so glad that you said that you were going to set things aside for a while just to see if you're really "over it." :D

Merry Christmas to you, too, Margo!

Sand Flat Farm said...

I'm with you, Margo - except I'm ready to rent a roll-off dumpster and unload ALOT of junk. I need new living room furniture and I told my DH that I'd love to haul it all out into the front yard and burn it!! ha -

TinaTx said...

When you get through there, wanna come here? I did get rid of a lot of stuff in the fall, but I need to get rid of more!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Meadowview Farm said...

I do totally understand...I am beginning to believe that I truly have "Obsession Deficit Disorder" - I want to fill every corner, then can't wait to take it down...then fill it back up again! I am glad to have an antiques booth (and barn too) to take my overflow and "over with" to.
Merry Christmas!

Rosemary said...

I am the same way Margo.
Have a great Christmas!!

A Lovely Thing said...

Oh yeah. I definitely do the same -- clutter it up, take it down and clutter it up with new old stuff

For instance, my guest bath is being re-done in old girlie girl stuff. Those lovely old fashion prints would go perfectly. How much do you want for them? :)

Angela said...

Well after we come back LOADED with Boxing Day sales tomorrow, (lol, like I don't have enough stuff around the house) I will begin taking down my Christmas decorations and 'simplifying' the home! Than I will anticipate for May when garage and yard sales start back up, LOADING up on stuff there,LOL. We usually go Boxing Day sales for my husband's obessions with buying Christmas lights. We have over 3000 square ft of lights as it is, but he says it's not enough,LOL. I love buying more Christmas decorations. New theme this year is Gingerbread men for the kitchen, and definitely more snowmen,,and oh and maybe more tree
I usually begin my Christmas shopping for next year on Boxing Day!! SAVES me tons of money, which was a HUGE blessing this year since my husband has been out of work for close to 4 months now!! So when I opened up those two rubber maid bins from last year and saw all the wonderful goodies I was able to provide for loved ones,,,it sure blessed my heart tha I was wise!! Merry Christmas

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