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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Home Tour Continued, and Ball Project #4

My goal for Saturday was to get all the decorations up. This mostly meant my tree, but also some of the table displays that i was inspired to do by visiting Judy's sale (see post below).

I got this industrial spool holder at Judy's. Actually I got 2. This one I'm going to use for display inside. The little kissing angel is a vintage piece I picked up at the good will. The shreaded paper you see is actually old music that I put through a paper shredder, I use it in lots of things. I clipped a candle to the top with one of those candle clips I picked up at the Gresham sale.

I picked up some aluminum tree branches at Judy's and the metal urn at Ethel's.
I stuffed the urn with shreaded music and poked the branches down inside. Since then I've added a silver ribbon.

I was inspired by the horns at Jodi's sale and came up with this little display. Those are old auto or bike horns and some more aluminum branches.

This one is my favorite, and inspired directly by Judy's sale

I just picked up this old lamp, not knowing what I would do with it. I actually considered selling it, not any more. I found the angel at a Garage Sale this morning

I picked up the shabby wreath stand at Jodi's sale and found this great, old looking, aluminum wreath (the perfect size) today. The star is also not old either, but very authentically old looking.

some random aluminum stars, fake snow, balls and ribbon and it's done & Greets me as I enter the house. The camera angle kind cut off the top of her hear, it all looks better in person.
I haven't hung my wreath yet, I need an over the door wreath hook I think. And I'll hang it from an inside door. for the most part the decorations are done. There's lots of stuff I'd like to do, but I need to call it quits. Time to focus on gifts now.

My weekend finds.

Look at these wonderful stained glass windows I picked up at a GS this weekend. They need a bit of repair, but only to the frames.

Here's the other spool holder fro m Judy's, and a couple of spools of string that I found at Ethel's.
And that old tube repair organizer I picked up at Judy's has really tidied up my work space.

And I picked up this little dice roller thing, last weekend in Canton, Isn't it fun.

Ball Project #4

For this project, all I did was take a chain, and start hanging balls from it. I used 2 sizes of hooks, and just loaded it up. When I was done, I tied a ribbon at the top.

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cindee said...

I love all your pictures. You have done so much!!! It all looks wonderful! I would have never thought of hanging glass balls from a chain! That is a really great idea(-: I bought some tinsel garland and I am going to make a wreath today. I saw one on another blog and I had to have one(-: I didn't have any vintage glass balls though. I should have went to the Salvation Army. Maybe I can go next week(-: Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and pictures. I love visiting your blog(-:

Tolentreasures said...

Everything looks great, how inspiring and mind opening to the "treasures" that I have passed by at yard sales!
Thanks for sharing all you ideas and treasures!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

You have been busy! I love the Chain o' Balls. Love it! The shredded music is a nice touch. ~Mindy

misselaineous said...

Oh Margo...your pictures for the last 3 posts are Christmas eye candy!! I love your repurposing as always, but this year you have outdone yourself! The old typewriter with "joyful" is such a cool piece! Love it all...keeps me coming back for more...and trying to recall what I have up in the barn that I can reuse! Happy Sunday! *elaine*

Shelley said...

Hi Margo,it all looks so neat! What a great job you did decorating your home.Thanks for sharing everything with us........

Have a blessed week,Shelley

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there..I was gonna let ya know that the vintage boy angel you picked up at the Goodwill is actually a pair. A girl originally went with him...she is a music box and goes around till they kiss. I have the pair that my Dad got my Mom back in the 70's. Cherry

Kudzu said...

Great decorating ideas, but I love the look of the ornaments on the chain, and I think I'll try that myself :D
I was looking for a photo of the wreath you had made from pages of hymnals. I'd like to make one out of maps for my brother. I loved the way you rolled up the pages into a cone shape.

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