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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some Wise Words

I received some wonderful and insightful comments to my post below, about purging stuff. One comment in particular really touched me. It was from Anita, and she wrote "it's enough for me to know they exist in the world, I don't have to HAVE THEM" What wonderful words, they have been ringing in my ear since I read them. I think I'm going to adopt this philosophy for awhile. I don't have to have it, I can just be happy that it exists somewhere, and someone has done something wonderful with it. Thanks Anita for the inspiration.

On another note. I received a wonderful book, and I just have to tell you about it.

I've already thumbed through it several times. Found some new projects for things I already have, and I have had fun, moving my stuff around. It also has very easy to read text with lots of decorating advise. This gal really understands us. If you are looking for a fun new book to inspire you, pick this one up, you can get it at a good price from Amazon, by clicking the link above.


Tolentreasures said...

Very wise words but surely they don't apply to the wood stash in the basement, the fabric stash in the extra bedroomm, the wool stash in the sewing room, the yarn stash in the attic, and the ever growing bead stash in the closet?

Vee said...

Yes, maybe those wise words could be used on one of your signs! :D

I just loved seeing the picture of you with your new treasure from your dh. You look just like a kid!

Karen said...

I love that philosophy! I try really hard to think that way. I have kind of a knack for finding things, but I don't ever think I have to keep them. I am glad to have the fun of finding them, then finding them a good home! Karen

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