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Monday, March 16, 2009

Auction Stories

I've decided I don't like the auction way of buying stuff, but some friends of ours wanted to go to the local auction on Sat evening, so I decided to give it another try. We looked through the stuff inside and there wasn't much so we decided to leave and go to dinner. Then I noticed that they were unloading a trailer outside and there were several lots I was interested in.

It was fun to watch them unload the treasures and peak in the boxes as they walked them past us.

I had my eye on 3 box lots. One was in a great old wire basket, the picture does not do it justice, it was a heavy weight, huge basket.

Well It seems I wasn't the only one wanting it as it went for 40 dollars. I stopped at $30 and was glad that I was outbid, as I felt $30 was too high. Then there was a box of old wood chippy trim. It went for $15 and I stopped at $10. Lost that one too. Finally I won a wooden crate full of old hardware. I really just wanted the crate, but when I got it home I found it was full of old hinges, door knobs and other fun stuff. At least I didn't go home empty handed. And the lady that won the box of old trim was very disapointed when I grabbed the crate. Seems she wanted that one too. I turned to her and said "wanna trade?"

I'd rather hit garage sales, see what I want and get it, instead of all this waiting around, to maybe get it. But it's something to do on a Saturday evening.


Dawn said...

Margo, I'm that way too.I'm not one to set through an auction. I'd much rather you tell me what you want for the treasure. I'm so a tag sale kinda girl! I loved loved loved the basket tho. I saw that and thought oh maybe she will place that in her online garage sale! I would have seriously looked at that too. I bought a wire laundry basket on wheels.I bought it from Mammies Merchantile. I love it. I have it sitting in my living rm. have a great day! Dawn

Artsy Fartsy said...

Hate you missed that basket, I dont have much luck at autions myself, gosh I love that basket!!! Tootles, Janna

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hey Margo - Sorry I didn't let you know... It kind of came up real quick. You are always so busy and I only told my family and a couple of church friends. I'm doing well tho!

I don't know how you always know where to find all these neat functions to go to - I would love to go to an auction sometime. I'm still looking for a big ole Dutch cupboard or something like that for my living room. I'll find one someday.

Call me sometime & let's get together!

Tina said...

I always felt pressured at auctions. It's just not relaxing for me. But I love the get down under the table and dig through the boxes fun at tag sales.
I'm with ya

Vee said...

Auctions aren't for me either. I've only attended a few and only one my bid once. But, funny thing is, I adore that treasured find above most others...maybe because it was so hard won.

Shelley said...

Hi Margo.I like auctions,but haven't been to one in a while...where is that one located?
I'm glad you found something to bring home with you.....


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