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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have a Packrat

No you didn't read that wrong, I didn't say I am a packrat, I said I have a Packrat.

First let me tell you a little bit about my home and barn. I live in the woods. I love living here, among the trees and wildlife. For the most part we leave each other alone. They stay out of my house (or else) and I leave a good portion of my 5.5 acres, as wild, wooded habitat for them, and we like it that way. There is one exception though, and that is my barn.

You see my barn is open on 2 sides, and is in no way critter proof. I've seen a Possum out there, I've uncovered lots of abandoned nests of this and that creature when I clean out a corner, and I've even discovered the odd snake skin from time to time, \this is Texas after all. But when things start to go missing, I get a little annoyed. So I began to look for the thief, and I found one of them, at least. Off in a corner, behind a stack of wood, and under a table was this pile of goodies from my local pack rat.

It was a huge nest, and obviously abandoned long ago, however, I discovered many items I didn't even know I was missing. This Packrat obviously has a taste for silk flowers.

The most interesting thing in this pic is the empty box of mouse poison. I guess the boxes aren't lethal, just the pellets. I've yet to completely clean up this mess as I was not really dressed for the job, but I rummaged through it with a stick to see if any of my lost treasures were there, but I did not find my ivory piano key blanks, or my marching band music holder, or my missing piece of trim that I need to repair a coffee table and had set aside for that purpose. I guess another Packrat made off with those items.


This And That For Sale said...

Oh my goodness. That's a hairy tale, no pun intended. ;-)

Janene said...

First of all, I love your barn!
And the other thing is that I think this is so funny...probably because it isn't happening to me!

suzeeez said...

Wow, what is your guess? A racoon??

smith kaich jones said...

Oh my, but this made me smile & laugh. Poor little packrat - it had such a good thing going. I could just see him or her so happy with his/her latest acquisition - much like us! - and bringing it home so proud. Ah well, I'm sure he or she will just move on & start finding more stuff. Wonderful post!

:) Debi

Sand Flat Farm said...

That's so hilarious that you posted this about your critters at the same time! HA!

Our Lab digs up the mole holes. It's so sandy out here that sometimes you can look out in the pasture and just see his rear end sticking up out of the ground.

Hope things are going well for you guys! Call me when you have a hankerin' for Mexican food - or whatever!

Jacque said...

Funny! I found a nest with several of my seashells decorating it, whatever it was it had good taste. I always loved the story "The Borrowers" ~Jacque

Vee said...

Great barn! Too bad it allows critters in. Those little packrats are so cute, but I'd be wanting to dispatch them to the great beyond.

Tinta's Treasures said...

Sorry about the 'packrats'. But I do know how you feel. I used to have 2 pet ferrets. They are the biggest thieves I have ever seen. What you are going thru sounds like what my ferrets did to us.
Good luck!!!
Cindy (tinta)

Simply Me Art said...

I would Die, but that is a Cute story..

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Oh, dear! What a mess he left behind! ~Mindy

Cinj said...

Aahhh. A packrat with the taste for the finer things in like.

Kudzu said...

LOL...I'm laughing WITH you :D I have an unfinished laundry room, and we placed some rat poison pellets back there. Just opened the boxes and left them. Well, later I found that the rats had carried the poison,box and all, to make a nest....IN THE BOX..LOL. We finally realized all we were doing was just feeding the rats...we also realized they'd been eating the Pedigree dog food, which really improved our dogs health. My husband says all we did was buff the rats up and give them dessert,too!!

LynnW said...

What a nice barn you have!

The antique shop where I rent a space, and the one next door, recently had an influx of mice and rats. The neighboring shop owner was showing a bureau to a customer and when she opened a drawer, she discovered a cozy nest WITH the mice! They scattered and she shut the drawer before the customwer saw anything!

I found some mouse evidence in my booth after moving some furniture around but I was told the problem was "solved".

kkathyyy said...

I have a question. Any suggestions on turning an old vintage gumball machine into a fish tank? How to seal etc?? If you know how or have any info would love it. Thanks!

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