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Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun Weekend

My Mother's Birthday was last week, so I had made plans to take her out to dinner on Friday evening. Mom lives in Ft Worth, so as usual with my trips to the Metroplex, I planned a few other stops on the way. One of my first stops was a local Garage sale where I picked up these beauties.

They will be going on ebay this evening. After that I was off to Dallas, via Forney and stopped at one of my favorite places EastFork Antique Mall. If you have a few hours to kill you might want to stop by this place, but give yourself plenty of time. Something I did not have. I did pick up a few fun things though. The next stop was in N Dallas at May Flowers and Gifts to pick up some more candelabras from Kevin May.

2 of these

& 25 of these singles

Then to Mother's for Dinner. We had a good visit and then I was off to my Friend Penny's house for the night. She was not going to be home till late, so I decided to kill time and surprise an old friend from High School, that I've not seen in a few years. Angie and I had a nice visit and from there I went to Penny's where we stayed up till midnight chatting. The next day we had a nice breakfast, and headed out to a local Antique store. But before that I had her follow an estate sale sign. I told her "it would be an adventure". She found a few things, and I found a few things, but the best part was that a lady started playing old hymns on the piano that was for sale. And the sound of old church music filled the whole house. Penny is a musician and just loved this little treat. After that we hit the antique mall, I found nothing there, but Penny found some jewelry and we got to see Santa Clause. No really, he has a booth there and we had a chat with him. If you are ever in Canton in the Civic center he and his wife have a jewelry booth there, so stop by and say hi to Santa. Here are a few of my other finds.

This entire bunch of old aluminum tree branches. Of course they are for Christmas, but I'm also thinking about using them for the 4th of July, They are available for 2.50 ea

I think this will make a unique shelf for a plant

I'm going to make a towel holder out of this old door pull

If you are interested in the shoe stretchers they are $1 ea

This is also available for purchase $10.00

I was flipping through Martha Stewart magazine at Penny's house and found this great project with crates. I'll be doing something like this for my booth soon.

Speaking of Booths. I fell in love with this dealers displays when I was visiting a mall in Colleyville. Her stuff had a Definite garden theme, and most of it wasn't old, but I love her displays. I want to build this potting bench. It's a galvanized top table with a garden gate attached behind, and a tapered basket attached to the gate. It wouldn't be hard to put together if I had all the pieces.

Does anyone know where I can find these plant marker signs. They are chalk boards, mounted in a metal frame. She had 2 and they had no prices on them. I'd love to have a few.

Have a great Monday

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