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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Garage Sale Time

Time for another Blog Garage Sale
If you see something you like email me. Just click the link "email me" and I'll work out the details with you. I prefer Paypal, but will accept Money Orders.
I'll be out on Saturday Morning, and will answer all emails in the order they are received, Saturday Afternoon. Enjoy shopping. I will happily combine shipping to save you money.

Beachy tray measures 10x14 5.00, Shipping 9.50

Old locksets, $2.00 ea, can be painted, and distressed and become a very fun accessory. Various sizes as shown, can be sent in PM flat rate box for 5.50. I can probably get 2 in each box.

Wooden Abacus 15" long $10 Shipping 6.50-Sold

Is it a garment brush

Or a hanger??? It's both, Folding Hanger $5.00 Shipping 6.50

Ceramic, pastel eagle coasters 3" dia, Full set $5.00, Shipping 5.50

the pink one on the right has a chip

Not sure what game this was from. It is mounted on a wooden board, and looks like a form of bingo or keno, measures 8.25x11 $7.00, 5.50 for PM shipping-Sold

Metal drapery finials, Each one is 5" long, they appear to be metal and weigh 1 pound each. $2 ea, shipping for all 3 $9.00 via parcel Post-

tassels, Each one 9" long plus the loop, Each tassle has a decorative top probably made from resin or ceramic. The inner core of some of them is coming loose and needs repair. These could be put to good use in the right hands $1 ea. I have 9, each one weighing 1/2 pound. Shipping for 1 $3.90 for all $12.00-Sale Pending

Unusual Shelf I made $9.50 Shipping $9.50 Measures 18" tall

3 Drawer Pulls $5.00 $5.50 to ship-

Primitive wooden houses, one has lost it's chimney, piece included
$5.00 Shipping $7.00 parcel post

2 pr ladies gloves. One is absolutely beautiful, although it needs washing. Look at those buttons. $6.00 for both pr, shipping $2.00

Stand, without container. Crystals are plastic, stand is metal
$2.00 Shipping 4.55 parcel post

This was a decorative scoop, I removed the handle and added a label holder,
I also added the paper decoration which would be easily changed out. Makes a great little wall pocket shelf thing. $3.00 shipping 5.50

Was a necklace with Noah's Ark pieces, rope broken in 1 area
$3.00 Shipping $3.00

Reproduction courting candle holder $5.00 shipping $5

Enamel, metal piece, probably from an old stove. would make a great trivet
$5.00 shipping $3.00-

Old shoe stretcher turned into a coat or hat hanger
$10.00 Shipping $9.50

Old clock turned into a shelf
$10.00 shipping $9.50

I've also made a Garage Sale page and a Flea Market Page on my web site for items from past sales that I still have.
check it out here and here.

Be sure to check with Mindy and Cynthia to see if they are having Garage Sales this week.

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