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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Garage Sale

If It's the Weekend, It's time for
another Blog Garage Sale

If you see something you like email me. Just click the link "email me" and I'll work out the details with you. I prefer Paypal, but will accept Money Orders.
I will answer all emails in the order they are received. Enjoy shopping.
I will happily combine shipping to save you money.

Regarding shipping:This week I'm using my rate code system. See chart at the bottom for shipping rates. Rates apply to US addresses within the 48 states.
Will ship internationally

This is a Lot of old Captain Kangaroo items. Included are :
3 Books, Captain Kangaroo's Picnic, Captain Kangaroo and the Too-Small House, and paperback Captain Kangaroo Stories to Read Aloud.
2 sets of incomplete cards for games
And a complete puzzle, all pieces included, with box.
$15, shipping rate code, low end of 3

This is a genuine vintage Harlem Globetrotters Thermos by Thermos Co. 6.75" tall. Glass inside is in tact. In Good condition, some signs of age, a few rust spots.
$14, shipping rate code, low end of 3

marriage of old floral plate and a crystal pedestal base.
Pedestal base was broken and this was the project that was born.

Shipping rate code 3

small condiment tray with handle, stainless $2 shipping rate code 2

Rusty scoop, would make a great shelf $6., Shipping rate code 3

Curtain Cobels, 2 are a slightly different shade of gold. These were ripped from their prior home and bolts and some of the wall are still attached.
Sold as is $5 ea, Shipping rate code 3 for 2 corbels

I can't keep all my projects, and it's time for this one to find a home. This very old red child's chair has become a cute little shelf. $10 shipping rate code 3

Old metal tissue holder. Top comes off, Needs clean up and paint
$4 Shipping rate code 2

Old metal film reels, There are lots of uses for these.
$2 ea Shipping rate code 2

2 old unusual game boards $1 ea. Shipping rate code 2 via Parcel Post
Quick Draw Sold

metal and wicker fruit bowl, $5 shipping rate code 3

Lamp covers $1 ea shipping rate code low end of 3

wooden clock shell, $3 shipping rate code 3

These are for those outdoor signs. Clear plastic with dollar and cent symbols
$1 ea. shipping 1.50 for 1 and extra .30c for each additional, or$ 2.50 for all

old mug tree, great for jewelry or ornaments.
$2, shipping code 2

some sort of hanger, can be mounted to the wall with existing screw holes.
Great for jewelry $2
Shipping code 2

Unusual drawer, front and back have a slant. Has the letters IOOF on the front and a green velvet lining inside, made of oak with dove tail joints in the front.
Probably was a drawer. $7.50 Shipping code 2

If you missed a past sale, or want to see what is still available, you can view those items here
Garage Sale and Flea Market
on my web site.

Be sure to check out Cammie's and This N That for more sales.

Shipping Rate codes: The post office has raised it's rates substantially on packages. I will use either USPS or UPS depending on which is cheaper. On larger breakable items I always use UPS.
Rates are generally as follows, Rate codes are numbered.
1)Small paper or cloth items, can usually be sent in an envelope and will be, $3 or less to ship

2)Larger items, that will fit in a flat rate USPS box ( 8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8) will be $5.50 to ship.

3)Large or heavy items will be around $8-$12 to ship, depending on size, destination and weight.

4)Books can be sent via Media mail for between $3-$4.
I try to keep it all as inexpensive as possible.


Tina said...

If you ever find some old maps with compass rose and hemispheres shown. Like an old world map. Please let me know. I'm always looking.
Love checking in to see all your items.

Susan S. said...

Hi there...just stumbled on your blog and I love it! You have the cutest finds! The front porch with all the treasures in a previous post is precious. And I'm in Houston so I'm ALL TOO FAMILIAR with the yellow/green pollen. I want to power wash my house but know it will not do much good until the pollen is gone.

Anonymous said...

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