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Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend Garage Sale

If It's the Weekend, It's time for
another Blog Garage Sale

If you see something you like email me and include your zip code. Just click the link "email me" and I'll work out the details with you. I prefer Paypal, but will accept Money Orders.
I will answer all emails in the order they are received. Enjoy shopping.
I will happily combine shipping to save you money.

Regarding shipping: I'm using my rate code system. See chart at the bottom for shipping rates. Rates apply to US addresses within the 48 states.

Longerberger desk organizer basket from 2004, comes with protector, & Liner.
Protector has some ink in it from use, no damage other than that.
Measures 5"x6"x6" $30.00 plus shipping rate code 3

Military Patches, Some are pictured twice, I'll sell them for $1 ea. know nothing about patches so ask any questions you need. I know there are no Marine patches among these.
Postage will be minimal, as these can be mailed first class in a regular envelope. And will depend on how many you want. If it's got an X through it, it's sold.

Military Pins $2 ea plus shipping rate code 1

Hand full of embellishments. All plastic, Not sure what they are, maybe to glue to buttons or something. All for $1 plus shipping rate code 1

This is a thing I made to hold letters, and envelopes. It's a spring mounted to a wooden board that has been painted green. Measures about 17" long $3 plus shipping rate code 3

Small S&P set, great if you want to do some soldered bottles $3
Shipping $4.00

Lot of trophy tops, loving cups. All plastic. Great as party favors, cake decorations etc.
Lot is $4 plus shipping rate code 3

Trim piece from old Crib, A little dirty could use a bath, wooden painted white, lots of cute little spindles in there. $4 plus shipping rate code 3

pair of hinged shutters, Also could use a bath, wood painted white.
$5 plus shipping rate code 3

This is an unusual item. It is made for florists to store floral wire of different lengths in the tubes, and you can hang ribbon spools down below. I got 2 but only need 1. I was thinking about putting candles in one, but there are lots of uses that i can think of. $12.00
plus shipping rate code 3

Coat Hook hanger with swivel hooks $9 plus shipping rate code 3


2 Croquet Mallots $3 plus shipping rate code 3

Old wooden chalk board with wooden tray, Chalk board surface has some scratches.
$10 plus shipping rate code 3

Flags from an old National Cash Register $4 per flag, your choice as long as available
plus shipping rate code 1.

Trophy top eagles, 2 are metal, the center one is plastic. they measure about 3" tall, great for cakes, art projects, etc. $1.50 plus shipping rate code 1

Old box of wooden checkers with Crown pattern. $9
plus shipping rate code 2

If you missed a past sale, or want to see what is still available, you can view those items here
Garage Sale and Flea Market
on my web site.

Be sure to check out Cammie's , prissynprimtiques, This N That and Monkeybox to see if they are having sales this weekend.

Shipping Rate codes: The post office has raised it's rates substantially on packages. I will use either USPS or UPS depending on which is cheaper. On larger breakable items I always use UPS.
Rates are generally as follows, Rate codes are numbered.
1)Small paper or cloth items, can usually be sent in an envelope and will be, $3 or less to ship

2)Larger items, that will fit in a flat rate USPS box ( 8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8) will be $5.50 to ship.

3)Large or heavy items will be around $8-$12 to ship, depending on size, destination and weight.

4)Books can be sent via Media mail for between $3-$4.
I try to keep it all as inexpensive as possible.

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