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Monday, May 4, 2009

Burlap Cart Bag Kits

Alright girls, In general RoboJunker fashion, I've got the bags for the burlap bag cart liners.
I'll be selling the bags, and the instructions for $11.00 plus shipping. This is an easy no-sew project, and you don't even have to do the grommet thing.

I've even designed a pocket feature into it.

This is an easy 15 min project and the sacks are so great looking

I'll even include 4 pieces of jute as ties. The bow and any other embellishment is up to you though.
I prefer Paypal, but will accept Money Orders.
More Info: The bags are already stamped with the kind of coffee they contained.

You get the instructions, a bag and 4 jute rope for the ties for $11.00
Shipping is 8.50 via Priority Mail
or 7.10 via Parcel Post
For Texas orders only add 6.75% sales tax.
Other options: Bag only $8 ea, Instructions only $5 ea


See my previous post for the details of how this project came to be.
Thanks for the inspiration Nancy


Nancy Elaine said...

I am very impressed. What a great idea to put kits together. I like your idea of a pocket and your use of grommets.

Gypsy Queen said...

LOVE THIS! Are they already stamped.. or do we do that? It is one of the things I want to learn... please send me info.. at zoegypsyvillle at yahoo dot com... Thanks!! GREAT SITE! I want to come play!!!!\\


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